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Gloria Victis Articles

Port to Unity 5 Nears Completion

The Gloria Victis team has sent word that the port to Unity 5 is nearing completion and will be ready for release soon. Graphics show marked improvement as well as steady increases in FPS, better lighting effects, high quality textures and much more.

An Introduction to PVP

Gloria Victis is a free-to-play MMORPG under development by Black Eye Games incorporating low-fantasy elements from medieval Europe and Near East mythologies. The game features an action-based, realistic non-target combat system with exciting PvP, class-less progression, mature story line, complex quests, crafting, and much more. Official Site: http://gloriavictisgame.com/ Game List @MMORPG.COM: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/896/Gloria-Victis.html FEATURES Four Nation

NDA Lifted!

The Gloria Victus team has let us know that the non-disclosure agreement for the game has officially lifted. Testers and streamers can now post their thoughts about the game that the developers say is stable enough to warrant firsthand accounts being published. The hope is that by lifting the NDA, the game will attract more players and that the development team can expand.

Alpha First Look - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader takes a look at the alpha of Gloria Victis. Gloria Victis is a low fantasy Medieval MMORPG with an emphasis on realism. What does this mean? Open PvP with territory control, non-target combat, sandbox crafting, player-driven economy and no fireballs. All served up with a deep, mature story.

Massive Update Paves Way for NDA Lift

The Gloria Victis team has posted the changelog for the latest update to the game that will pave the way for the lifting of the NDA of the much-anticipated title. The update features an overhaul to the crafting system, optimization changes, the addition of a weather system, a redesign of the day/night cycle, and other visual effects.

Big Pre-Alpha Patch Deployed

The Gloria Victis team has published the change log for a big new pre-alpha client patch that brings some significant technical fixes into the game as well as a redesigned map, rescaled monsters, new recipes and improved creature AI into the game.

Update - Sea Travel, Territory Capture, Enlarged Game World

Black Eye Games is chugging away on its mature MMO and this month they're happy to announce three big new improvements: Sea Travel, Territory Capture and World Englargement.

Jog Grochowski Talks Crafting & the Medieval Sandbox

Gloria Victis is setting out to carve a niche in the online gaming world with its innovative systems including a medieval setting and a true sandbox crafting experience. We caught up to Gloria Victis's Jog Grochowski to talk about the game, those aspects and much more.

PvP Battle Detailed in Images

Over the weekend in Gloria Victus, players participated in an epic PvP battle to take control of Ismir's Keep. After hours of war, neither side emerged victorious. The Gloria Victus Facebook page has been updated with epic images of the epic battle. Check them out!

Anticipating a Steam Greenlight

Gloria Victus is one of the latest titles to be entered into Valve's Steam Greenlight program where users and fans have the ultimate choice as to whether or not the game will be hosted on the gaming portal. As of today, GV is running at 60% so be sure to head to the Gloria Victus Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote.

Alpha Approaches

A new developer diary has cropped up on the Gloria Victus site that should bring a smile to fans' faces as the team is indicating that alpha testing is nearing quickly. Lately, the team has been spending its time optimizing the database and overhauling the combat system.

New Website Launches

Those looking for the most up-to-date information about Gloria Victis will want to head to the brand new official game site. The pages are filled with feature descriptions, media, forums and more.

New Team Members Bring Experience

The Gloria Victus team has expanded with the addition of three experienced developers to help facilitate the smoothing out of animations in the game. The team utilized feedback from sites, including MMORPG.com, to create a plan. In addition, the 'sandbox crafting' database has been overhauled.

Latest Update Packed with Visuals

Those interested in what the Glorious Victus team has been up to lately will definitely want to head to the official forums to check out a plethora of screenshots that show off features as wide-ranging as character customization to town landscapes.

Pre-alpha gameplay footage

Gloria Victis is a Low-Fantasy Medieval MMORPG, it has been a long time since we last released a video and the project has come a long way in that time. In this video we show the beauty of the world of Gloria Victis as well as shedding some light on how combat plays out. However, the project is still in the very early stages of development so there are still plenty of features ones especially to do with combat that we are yet to implement. Enjoy! Our next video will be crafting orientated