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Combat Tweaks & More Anchor This Week's Update

The latest Gloria Victis updates have been applied to the game, most notably a significant improvement to combat that includes balance tweaks to weaponry, damage output, character stats, attack power and armor penetration.

Weekly Update Spotlights Key Features

The latest Gloria Victis weekly update has been published on the official site. The latest alpha build contains a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements including the addition of new dynamic events, the inventory context menu, improved AI and much more.

A Look Back at March's Progress

March was a really successful month for development of Gloria Victis, bringing to life lots of important improvements to the gameplay formula, user experience and immersion.

Penalty Islands Added, Starter Zones Overhauled

The Gloria Victis team has sent word that the latest update has been deployed that brings new islands into the game that will become the home of exiled players until they earn enough reputation to leave. Players become exiled due to excessive unlawful behavior.

Game World Expands, Literally & New Bosses Added

The literal Gloria Victis game world has expanded with vast new tracts of land added in the latest update. While not yet populated, these areas will soon be densely packed with bandit camps, deserter outposts and new event chains.

New Opportunities

As Gloria Victis is coming closer and closer to the Steam Early Access launch, there is a need to expand the currently available content and continuously improve the newcomers experience – therefore Mereley, with its fort, village and fishing docks, has just been completely overhauled.

Overhauled Mereley Featured in New Trailer

The Gloria Victis team wants to show off the overhauled Mereley, an Ismir starter location. In addition, the trailer shines the light on other improvements in the latest update that include PvP looting, a reworked reputation system and more. See what you think!

Reputation System Overhauled & Improved Combat Dynamics

The latest Gloria Victis update has been deployed that brings a completely overhauled reputation system, improved combat dynamics, and a reworked city of Mereley into the game. Mereley gives new players a better introduction to the Ismir nation.

Guild Coat of Arms Editor Added in New Update

Gloria Victis has been updated this week to bring online the brand new guild coat of arms editor that allows players to create custom heraldry for their guild. Players will be able to choose backgrounds, patterns and symbols that best represent their guild.

Fame, Disgrace & Becoming a Legend

Delivering messages through the lands plagued by wars or taking care of the wounded; joining Crusades to seek redemption or forging the world-known, breathtaking swords; slaying dozens of foes in gruesome battles or raising architectonic pieces of art – in Middle Ages, times when the tale about a man could have more meaning than his life, every action performed by a person would affect their standing.

Latest Update Brings Dynamic Events Online

Gloria Victis has been updated this week to bring dynamic events online as well as greatly improved performance thanks to great number of adjustments on the back end. In addition, players seem to have enjoyed the Valley of Death tournament, and, thanks to some game and balance adjustments, it will be even more fun next time.

Dynamic Events & Overhauled Starter Zones Anchor Update

The latest update has been applied to Gloria Victis that brings overhauled starter areas and the new dynamic events system on board. The first events will take pace on the outskirts of Dunfen and Mereley and will help introduce new players to the game world.

Improving the User Experience

As Gloria Victis is moving closer and closer to the long-awaited Steam release, improving the newcomers’ user experience becomes a key goal of the development process. It means not only improving the performance or fixing issues of any kind but also introducing the players into the gameplay mechanics in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

The World is Changing

Everything is changing (except for war – war never changes), and the world of Gloria Victis is evolving as well, filling up with breathtaking locations, more credible reactions of its inhabitants to the actions performed by the players, and new ways of building up the immersion.

Join Our Live Stream & AMA in Half Hour

Our own Ripper X will be hosting a special live stream event beginning at 11:00 Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern with members of the Gloria Victis team. During the event, an AMA will also be in effect so come join us and ask your questions!