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Gloria Victis Articles

New Locations & a World Event Launched into Game

Gloria Victis has been updated with a trio of new locations for players to explore as well as significant improvements to player-controlled settlements. In addition, a new world event called the Last Stand has been deployed.

New Character Models, Revamped Locations & More in New Patch

Gloria Victis has received what developers are calling the biggest update ever to the game that brings in new character models, seven updated locations, an overhauled character creation system and a Christmas celebration that includes special limited time events.

New Long Sword Animations Spotlighted in Latest Trailer

Gloria Victis players with a proclivity to sword play will be interested in the latest team video that shines the spotlight on new and upcoming animations for long swords. New animations seek to bring an aura of realism to combat and moves performed by melee players.

Revamped Combat & Movement Animations Shine in New Trailer

The Gloria Victis team has posted a brand new trailer to show off a teaser regarding overhauled combat and movement animations. Each weapon will eventually feature over two hundred individual animations. Additionally, character models have also been reworked to accommodate the new animations. Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think!

Global Events, a Reworked PvP Map & Much More Added

Gloria Victis has been updated again, this time with some big improvements to the PvP map and a series of global events added. In addition, players will be pleased to hear that new locations have been added and that animations will be going under the revamping knife in the near future.

Bug Fixes Galore Arrive in Latest Update

The Gloria Victis Steam page has been updated with a comprehensive set of patch notes for the latest update to the game. Most notably, players can look for numerous bug fixes and resolved issues. Specifically, many fixes for character control and combat balance issues have been addressed.

Sponsored Early Access Has Launched!

Two years after getting Greenlit, thanks to the intensive full-time work of our team, Gloria Victis finally moved to Steam Early Access. We have waited with launch until now to make sure the game will be polished enough to meet your expectations. However, we know that we can achieve a lot more together, so we encourage the players to discuss the game and its core features, as well as the recent progress and future development plans.

Steam Early Access To Begin June 8th

The Gloria Victis team has sent out a brief note to let us know that the Steam Early Access will happen on Wednesday, June 8th.

Tweaks to Several Major Features Implemented

The Gloria Victis team has sent word that the latest update has been deployed to the game that contains a number of significant improvements to several game features including combat balance, crafting, the reputation stystem, and the UI. In addition, two new game translations have been added: Turkish and Spanish.

Revamped Crafting System Arrives

The weekly Gloria Victis update has arrived packed with a completely overhauled crafting system that gives 'new meaning to dedicated crafters' and allows them to increase the profits made from crafting quality goods.

Overhauled Main Menu And Detection System Rework

The weekly update has been deployed to Gloria Victis that contains a pair of interesting features. First the main menu has been reworked and secondly the in-game detection system has been overhauled which allows players to better control the timing and distance of attacks.

Expanding the Territory Control System

The world of Gloria Victis is a place of everlasting conflicts. Day by day wars plague the lands and their inhabitants; for one glorified warrior a dozen dies lonely. However, the history is written by the victors and they are the ones who take profits from waging a war.

April Update - Final Stretch Before Steam Launch!

The last few weeks of the Gloria Victis development were very intense. Many important improvements came to life, either enhancing the user experience and immersion or resolving the reported issues.

Main Theme Released, Composed by Witcher 3 Artist

The Gloria Victis YouTube channel has been updated with a new video (static image) that showcases the game's new main theme. "Another Story Begins" was composed by artist Marcin Przyby?owicz who also created much of the music for The Witcher 3. The piece will become part of the soundtrack that is part of all backer packages at the $15+ levels.

Weekly Update Focused on PvP & Technical Upgrades

The latest weekly update has been applied to Gloria Victis servers that "redefines PvP" in the game most notably through refinements in the server performance that allows for more instantaneous and precise PvP activity. In addition, graphics have been updated with a longer display range among other improvements.