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Echoes from the Past & Bright Future - Gloria Victis is Better Than Ever!

A lot has happened in the Gloria Victis development over the last few months. One of the most important changes, crucial for the game’s open world PvP and non-target combat formula, is the recently applied huge synchronization & controller update.

Playable Female Characters Added Along with New Combat Mechanics & More

The latest update has been deployed to Gloria Victis that brings a number of big features into the game, most notably playable female characters. The introduction of female characters included reworking all armors and garments in the game to make them fit properly.

Lordly Haven, a Massive Fortress, Added in Big New Update

Gloria Victis has been updated to bring Lordly Haven online. Lordly Haven is a huge fortress and is one of the largest areas that players can conquer as it sits between Midlanders and Azebs. According to devs, "it is meant to help out the Open PvP balance. Conquerors will gain access to stores of high-tier resources that can be used to craft high end gear.

Guilds Can Duke It Out for Control of Skergard Castle

Gloria Victis has been updated with a new patch that brings the GvG Skergard Castle into play. Guilds can fight to gain control of the location that is poised atop a snow-capped peak. Over time, this feature will bring benefits to those groups controlling the castle in the form of workshops, taxation, and much more.

New Blog Recaps Significant Improvements & Additions

The Gloria Victis site has been updated with a new blog that lays out some of the most significant improvements and additions to the game over the past month or so. Most notably, the combat rebalance update was applied as well as an AI upgrade, heavy armor has been boosted, end-game quests have been added, performance upgrades and more.

New Locations to Explore & the Azeb Playable Faction Arrive

Gloria Victis was updated earlier this week with a patch that brings a whole lot of new content to the game. Most notably, the Azeb playable faction was added as well as new locations to explore and over seventy new items to loot and craft. In addition, the crafting system was given a pass and the next Glory ranking season has begun.

Azeb Playable Race & More Coming on Tuesday

Gloria Victis will be getting a big release on Tuesday, July 25th that will come along with the Azeb playable race as well as new bosses, updates to the crafting system and a completely retooled AI.

Sponsored The Combat Update is Live!

It is a pleasure for Black Eye Games to announce that the long-awaited Gloria Victis combat update is finally live! Introducing brand new motion-captured animations, reworked controller and new synchronization system. The update brings the entire gameplay to a new level, enhancing immersion and focus on the player’s own skill, adding a lot to the idea of the skill-based PVP. So, what is the combat update about?

New Combat System Goes Live - Check Out the New Action

The Gloria Victis team has released a new update that brings the long-awaited combat overhaul into the game. To show off how things are shaping up these days, a new trailer has been released.

Map Expansion & upcoming update insight

The Gloria Victis team has produced a new video that reveals some of the game's most recent updates as well as thoughts about what is coming in the future. The video sports a great bunch of in-game footage as support for the narration.

The Game World Grows, Big Plans for Next Month Revealed

Gloria Victis players have a lot more ground to cover with the application of more than 50% more land to the game. There are new areas with more resources to harvest, animals to hunt and towns to capture. In addition, the team revealed some big plans for next month.

Team Focused on Testing & Polishing, Adding New Content

The core of the Gloria Victis team is hard at work making sure all the "i"s are dotted and "t"s are crossed with regard to combat. Polish and testing are central to the work the majority of the team has been focused on lately. Those not involved in that portion of the game have been busy producing new content that will include a new playable nation, the nomadic Azebs.

50 Updates Deployed In Less Than a Year!

9 months ago Gloria Victis came to Steam Early Access. Over these 9 months we were able to deploy 50 regular updates and likely 3 times more smaller fixes! It wasn’t easy to maintain such high momentum all the time, especially being a small independent studio, but continuous support of our awesome Community keeps giving us a power boost. Let’s take a look at the progress done over last 9 months of Gloria Victis development.

New Locations And Events Added In Latest Update

Black Eye Games has sent word about the latest update applied to Gloria Victis that brought a fully customizable 4-story castle model into the game. This structure is a part of player-run settlements and can be upgraded with things including eforced doors, coat of arms, emblems, etc.

World on Fire After Latest Update

Adding a new dimension to game play, Gloria Victis players can now literally set the world on fire. Thanks to the addition of the ability to burn anything in the game made of wood, players now have a new way to take the pain to opponents.