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Gloria Victis Articles

 Black Eye Games is Shutting Down, Gloria Victis Getting Final Season Before Closure

Black Eye Games has shared a heartfelt message to the community, announcing that the studio will be closing, and Gloria Victis is getting one final season.

Gloria Victis 'Season of Feudal Lords' Shakes Up Location Ownership to Increase Competition and Rewards

Season of Feudal Lords shakes up location ownership in Gloria Victis, with the major update adding a layered feudal system, increasing competition, and rewards.

Gloria Victis Releases Roadmap, Plans Server Merges, and Announces New Features

Gloria Victis by Blackeye Games recently released a new roadmap alongside a long missive to the community detailing some of the upcoming changes headed down the pipe.

Gloria Victis Reviews Major Changes Since Launch, Adds Throwable Stones, and Previews Upcoming Features

 Gloria Victis  has a new dev update video, "Season of the Wolves". This is the first devlog video since launch and goes over all of the important recent changes and new features in the works.

Gloria Victis Begins Season 2, Adding New Siege Mode, and Challenging Werewolf Boss

Season 2 begins in Gloria Victis, along with a new siege mode, and a tough new boss, the Werewolf. The game will also merge its Legacy servers.

Gloria Victis Review

After a few weeks with the low-fantasy medieval MMO, Gloria Victis, Emily is finally ready to render a verdict. How does it stack up, and are the occassional server issues worth the experience? Here is our Gloria Victis review.

Gloria Victis Review In Progress

If you've kept your pulse on the MMORPG community, you may have seen that Gloria Victis has dropped out of early access this month. Emily is taking it through its paces, though server issues have caused some issues along the way.

Gloria Victis Overhauls Crafting Quests and Hotfixes Launch Issues and Bugs

Yesterday, Gloria Victis launched out of Early Access with overhauled crafting quests, and tweaks to progression. There were some launch issues that got a hotfix with some workarounds.

A New Trailer and Last-Minute Improvements for Gloria Victis Ahead of 1.0 Launch Tomorrow

It's nearly time for Gloria Victis to exit Early Access and release 1.0. Black Eye Games' Medieval MMORPG will launch tomorrow, and there's a new trailer and last minute improvements as the team heads towards release.

Gloria Victis Leaving Early Access and Launching February 7th

On February 7th, Gloria Victis leaves Early Access and launches with both Legacy servers for current players and New Beginning servers for new characters.

Gloria Victis Shakes Up the Map to Encourage More PvP Opportunities and Reward

As a 1.0 release gets closer, Gloria Victis has reworked the map to encourage more PvP opportunities, including making guild castles into nation-controlled castles that can be sieged anytime.

 Gloria Victis Combat Rebalance Improves Viability of Two-Handed Weapons and Heavy Armor

New combat balance changes for Gloria Victis look to make two-handed weapons more competitive with each other, and bring heavy armor to a more viable meta option.

Gloria Victis Celebrates Halloween, Adds a New Hardcore, Full-Loot PvP Event, Ruined Temple

The Gloris Victis follows last month's series of overhauls, including better visuals and new weather system, with a two week Halloween event, and a new full loot, hardcore PvP event for all nations: Runed Temple.

Gloria Victis Gets a Major Overhaul that Upgrades Visuals, Adds Features, and Reworks Quests, and Even the Map

Today, Gloria Victis gets a major overhaul that upgrades visuals, moves capitals and adds new starter areas, overhauls quests and adds the new Questboard, and so much more.

Gloria Victis Nears Exit from Early Access and Team Details Changes Made and Remaining

The road to leaving Early Access is in sight for Gloria Victis. A new dev log and announcement by the Black Eye Games team details the final steps needed to get to version 1.0.