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Minion Masters Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com Staff Updated: Posted:
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MMORPG.com has been given tons of gift keys for Minion Masters - which will give players around $7 worth of free stuff in game!  Get your key now and get in the action!

Keys Left

This gift key will give players the following:

  • 3 random cards
  • 1 guaranteed rare demon card, a Rammer. 
  • 1 matching Rammer Avatar
  • 1 rare skin for the ranged hero Stombringer to stand out from the crowd.


About Minion Masters

Enter a world of Minion battles! Summon your Minions and watch them charge blindly toward their opponents, leaving it entirely up to you to decide their course by where you place them.

Minions can claim the bridges and destroy the rival Master.

Claiming bridges earns you xp and allows you to level up, earning unique perks based on your chosen Master.

You can also use mighty spells to tip the tide of the battle, for example with a well aimed healing fireball (it’s a thing) in the midst of your wounded troops.

For more information about Minion Masters please make sure to check out the official website!


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