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Metin 2 Gift Key Giveaway!

Metin 2 Gift Key Giveaway! has a bunch of codes for Metin 2 to give out to our community!  Each code will give players a ton of in game items including a White Lion, Rufus Seal, Potion of Speed and much more!  Get your code now!

555 Keys Left

Below are the details on what this code will give you:

  • White Lion x1 - Animals with white fur are very rare and many cultures worship them, believing that they carry remarkable powers. It increases experience gain by 30%.
  • Rufus Seal x1 - You can use this seal to summon your wolf whelp, Rufus.
  • Potion of Speed x25 - Boosts your motion speed by 60 for 30 minutes.
  • Green Magic x5 - Removes the bonuses from one of your items and adds new ones. Can only be used on weapons and armour up to level 40.
  • Green Strength x5 - With a little luck, this will add a new bonus to one of your items (max. 4 bonuses). Can only be used on weapons and armour up to level 40.
  • Town Scroll x5 - The scroll allows you to teleport back to the town.
  • Sun Elixir (M) x5 - Automatically refills your HP. Contains 3,000,000 HP.
  • Moon Elixir (M) x5 - Automatically refills your SP. Contains 300,000 SP.
  • Researcher's Elixir x3 - Improves the quality of the research objects which you have collected, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will be accepted.
  • Potion of Wisdom (3h) x5 - This potion allows you to gather 100% more experience in three hours of game time.
About Metin 2

The MMORPG Metin2 takes players into an eastern fantasy world with picturesque towns and impressive landscapes. Four character classes are ready to protect the world from the dark influence of the Metin stones and become masters of the martial arts. The impact of the Metin Stone inflicted deep wounds on the continent and brought chaos and destruction upon its inhabitants. War started between the kingdoms, wild animals transformed into violent beasts and the dead rose as bloodthirsty creatures come to demonic life. The once blooming continent now seems doomed to downfall.

Whether you play alone or in an alliance with friends in powerful guilds countless missions and rewards await adventurers on their travels. Dangerous creatures and evil boss monsters guard legendary treasures. PvP battles against competitors bring variety into the monster hunt. So that players can master their foes, equipment items and weapons can be upgraded with the blacksmith’s help.

Heroes are kept on their toes with events such as Kingdom Battles or competitions with handsome prizes. You can also get married in the game, which gives each spouse additional game advantages and allows the use of exclusive marriage items.

For more information about Metin 2 check out the official site now!


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