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Fractured Online

Fractured Online Beta Giveaway!

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Gamigo and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away codes for the open-world sandbox MMORPG, Fractured Online. The beta runs starting May 18th and runs through May 25th.

Keys Remaining

Grab your beta key for Fractured Online, an upcoming Dynamic MMORPG where everything should be influenced by player actions. This beta test will be live starting May 18th and run through May 25th at 7am PDT. This code will give you access during the duration, allowing you to explore, craft, and test to your heart's content. 

Note: There are no geo-restrictions on the code, though you will need to access the beta using the Glyph launcher.

About Fractured Online

Fractured Online is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG mixing action combat with fully interactable environments, appealing equally to lovers of competitive and cooperative gameplay. Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies through your own skill and cleverness, not equipment or level. Gather resources, craft, trade, and venture into legendary travels as a solitary hero or start a settlement with your guild and grow it into the next empire.

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