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Echo of Soul Blue Ciskai Pet Giveaway!

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MMORPG.com has been given keys for Echo of Soul to celebrate its latest The Blue update. Get your Blue Ciskai pet key now!

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About Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul is a giant, immersive MMORPG and full of stunning landscapes and fantastic creatures. This wondrous world is threatened by the creeping corruption of the dark soul - a remnant of the devil from times of the war between Gods and Giants. Odin, king of the gods, has chosen mortals as soulkeepers to preserve the balance of the world. The Blue update brings with it a multitude of changes, including a new level cap at 99, challenge Tower and Battlefield event, EOS 300 Event, dungeons and more.

You can read more about The Blue update of Echo of Soul here.

To check out Echo of Soul, head to the official website for more.

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