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Hands On at PAX West

Gigantic, Motiga’s unique and promising, but long-gestating MOBA is on its way to launch via Perfect World later this year. It’s undergone a lot of changes and tweaks to make matches flow better and to help new players pick up the intricacies of the game faster. We went hands on with our favorite hero Knossos during PAX West 2016.

A Gigantically Good Time… See What We Did There?

We’ve been covering Motiga’s Gigantic for what seems an age, and yet I’ve never been fortunate enough to play the thing. This year’s PAX Prime changed that, and I am really glad it did. With my Player Coaches over my shoulder (I wish I’d gotten their names!) I charged into battle with Lord Knossos and never looked back.

PAX East Preview - Poised to Make a Big Splash

Recently, at PAX East, I had an opportunity to play Gigantic, Motiga's upcoming entry into the “Action-MOBA” genre. Let's start by getting a few things straight, when I say an action-MOBA, I do not mean a LOL or DOTA clone. This is the new breed of MOBA, more in the style of Smite, which means immersive third-person action, where every attack is a skill-shot.

Hands On with Gigantic at PAX Prime

Every so often you will come across a game that absolutely captivates you and begs to be played. There are so many different things that attracts a player to a game, whether it is the art style, genre, concept or as simple as the way it plays. This Saturday morning at PAX I had one of the moments when I was able to get hands on with the new game being developed by Motiga. Gigantic, from the moment I sat down in front of the PC, just had me enthralled.