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Bid a Fond Farewell & See the Things That Might Have Been in a Special Stream Event

On Tuesday, July 31st, Gigantic will face its final curtain call and go dark forever. In celebration of the passion of the development team and to see some of the "might have been" content, a special live stream event will take place on Friday, July 27th in the Gigantic Twitch channel. The event will kick off at 3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern. In addition to the bittersweet journey, the team also has a few nifty swag items to give away to lucky viewers.

Motiga & PWE Announced Game Closure Effective July 31st

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga have announced that Gigantic will be closing down on July 31, 2018. From now through the closure date, all heroes will be free as all shop purchases are disabled. According to the letter on the Gigantic site, the closure came as a result of the fact that "it did not resonate with as many players as we'd hoped".

Perfect World Closing Down Motiga Soon According to Employees

In a semi-confirmed rumor, it appears that Perfect World Entertainment is closing down Motiga, the company behind Gigantic. The news came via Twitter users "Thor" and "Dan, the Funemployed", both confirming that they are unemployed. As yet no official word has come from PWE or Motiga.

Season of Souls Introduces New Hero, Ezren Ghal

Gigantic has been updated with the Season of Souls patch that brings a new necromancer named Ezren Ghal into the game. Ghal can "twist the very being of his foes by draining souls in combat, which can be turned against enemies as devastating ability attacks".

New Hero, Rutger, Gives a New Meaning to Ground Breaking

Gigantic has been updated with the "Into Solitude" patch that brings a monk theme to the game and hero. Rutger is literally ground breaking in his approach to taking out the enemy. He pounds the ground an shatters the terrain to control the battlefield.

Motiga Unveils New Map Called Wizard Woods

Perfect World and Motiga are on hand at this week's Gamescom to reveal a new map called Wizard Woods coming to Gigantic by the end of 2017. As the name implies, screen show off a forested area, starter locations and some of the 'lanes' in between. Check them all out after the jump.

Corruption Update Goes Live with New Hero, Systems & Polish

The Corruption update has been deployed for Gigantic. It's a massive update, the first major one since launch. Corruption brings Oru, a new mid-range caster hero as well as new systems, polish and updates. For instance, players can create Custom Lobbies as well as enable push-to-talk hotkeys.

Join the Community to Unlock Mozu's Solar Flair Skin

For the next week, Gigantic players are going to try to dish out 2.1 billion damage in games to unlock Mozu's Solar Flair skin. Each day, Gigantic will update the community on its progress to that astronomical number!

Airship Supplies Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given Airship Supplies gift key for Gigantic - the all new free-to-play hero shooter developed by Motiga and published by Perfect World Entertainment! These keys will give you things like the Tyto the Swift's The Valerian Skin, Beckett's Iron Tower Skin and much more. Get your key now!

New Refer-a-Friend Program Launches

Gigantic players can earn some sweet swag through the use of the refer-a-friend program. Simply use your recruitment URL with friends and family, play three game together in a party and SCORE! Veterans will earn 5 fortune card draws and 3 Crown Boosts. Recruits will take home 3 fortune card draws and 3 win XP boosts.

Launch Day for Tons of Platforms Arrives

OK so maybe not every conceivable platform, but a whole lot of gamers will be able to enjoy Gigantic. Gigantic has officially launched on Steam, Arc, XBox One and for Windows 10. Players can download and play the hero-based game starting immediately.

Launch Date Officially Set, Open Beta Runs Until Then

Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment have big news for Gigantic fans: The official Steam release is coming on July 20th. Between now and then, players can enjoy open beta game play leading up to the Steam release date.

All Invited to a Preview Weekend On PWE's ARC Platform

Gigantic will be available from Friday, June 16th to Sunday, June 18th via Perfect World Entertainment's ARC platform. Anyone who wishes to join can do so during the weekend and be able to test out all eighteen heroes. The goal for the event is to stress test the ARC servers as well as matchmaking. In addition players will be able to check out game improvements including the UI, tutorial system, bot matches, integrated voice chat and more.

Large Update & Possible Launch Date Towards the End of June

According to a new State of the Game letter on the Gigantic site, the team has been focused on getting things squared away for final certification with Microsoft in early June, with a large update planned for the end of the month. While not specifically mentioning a release date, the letter indicates that several key features and fixes need to be in place for the next important update prior to release. This is currently penciled in for the end of June.

New Weekly Update Reveals Progress to Launch

This Week in Gigantic is a new weekly post that will be published on the game's official site. In this inaugural post, readers are informed that the final minor update to the open beta is set for deployment this week, not including, of course, hotfixes and other minor updates. By releasing the patch, Motiga devs will be freer to work on progressing the development of Gigantic towards its eventual release, something the team isn't quite ready to reveal yet.