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Genshin Impact Articles

Genshin Impact Receiving Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy in 2.1

If you're a fan of Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn, well, this news might be worth your interest. It looks like Aloy, fan-favorite protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West, is heading to Genshin Impact as part of Version 2.1.

Genshin Impact's Largest Update Yet Brings New Region, Adventures And More

MiHoYo is launching what is the largest update for Genshin Impact yet, bringing with it a new region, NPCs and more to the RPG.

Genshin Impact Receiving Several Events, Windtrace Event Live Now

Several events are incoming for Genshin Impact. In fact, one of them is already underway and is actually a video competition. Here are the details.

Genshin Impact Arrives on PS5 April 28, Receives Faster Loading, Graphics Enhancements

Genshin Impact is heading to PS5 on April 28 alongside the 1.5 Update. However, we didn't know yet just how enhanced or otherwise the PS5 version would be. We've received some details about what you can expect regarding the next gen version.

Genshin Impact Update 1.5 Releases April 28th - Introduces New Characters and Housing

On April 28th miHoYo plans to release the next big update for Genshin Impact, titled "Beneath the Light of Jadeite". The new update will feature an expanded story that will delve into the history of Liyue with popular geo character Zhongli.

PS5 Receiving Native Genshin Impact Version This Year

If you're one of the lucky unicorns who owns a PS5, you'll be graced with a native version of Genshin Impact later on this year. The team shared what you can expect in the bespoke PS5 version of the game, including several enhancements to visuals and performance.

Genshin Impact Devs Explain Fixes From 1.4 Update

The Genshin Impact team have provided an explanation of sorts on some of the fixes introduced in 1.4

Genshin Impact Made $153.4 Million Revenue in January

Genshin Impact's success continues with the game making $153.4 million in revenue in January alone.

Genshin Impact's Dev Q&A Signals More Condensed Resin and Addresses World Level Woes

In the latest Genshin Impact Developer Q&A, miHoYo addresses several issues that have been bugging players, like the low condensed resin cap, and what happens when they increase their world level, and it's just too dang hard!

Genshin Impact Introduces Three New Weapons for Upcoming Event Wishes

New weapons are heading to Genshin Impact for upcoming event wishes. Here are the details.

Genshin Impact Releases Update Notes for Version 1.3 'All That Glitters'

The next extensive patch for Genshin Impact is set to bring a new character, Xiao, to the game along with a number of new weapons and events. The flagship event, Lantern Rite, will give players the chance to earn a free 4-star Liyue character of their choice.

Latest Genshin Impact Dev Discussion Talks Changes to Resin, QoL Fixes and More in the Next Update!

In the latest Genshin Impact developer discussion posted by miHoYo, the team addresses hot topics like Resin generation, quality of life fixes, and whether abilities and reactions will change in Update 1.3.

Genshin Impact's Hypostatic Symphony Event Begins Tomrrow

Genshin Impact's Hypostatic Symphony event starts tomorrow. Here's what you need to know.

Unlock Genshin Impact's 'Sinae Unicornis Chapter' Story Quest

A new story quest for Genshin Impact will unlock tomorrow called Sinae Unicornis Chapter. Here are some details.

After Player Feedback miHoYo Plans More Changes to Lackluster Character Zhongli

Prior to Genshin Impact's latest Update 1.2, miHoYo released Zhongli, a new 5-Star character during the New Star Approaches event. Zhongli, prior to the update, was one of the coolest, and most sought-after characters, but upon earning him through the special banner, the character was lackluster and was largely panned by the community.