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For those unaware, Luvinia Online in the newest addition to the Outspark family of free to play MMOs.  Originally developed by Shanda Games, Luvinia is an isometric anime style MMO. There are twenty-two playable classes in two factions, Federal and Empire. The LO world is inhabited by once-friendly allies in the form of orcs, elves, dwarves, humans and gnomes.

Luvinia Online launched late last year and the team has been busy creating new content. The latest content expansion features the Zendo location. Our tour began at the Geneway College where we were met by members of the GM team. As all of our characters were well under the established 40+ character level for Zendo, we were automagically transported by the GM team.

Zendo has a very African feeling to it. The location is packed with tribal masks, lion-like NPCs, pigs roasting on spits and more. The village is home to several NPCs anxious to hand out three separate types of quests:

Normal quests involve hunting specific monsters in order to win gold, experience and Hunter Fame. Collect enough Hunter Fame and exchange it for reputation which can help unlock special areas and gear. These quests come in five difficulties. Which one you get depends on your level. Quests are divided into level 40-49 through 80-89.

Special hunting quests take place in one of three special zones which also coincidentally have the toughest monsters. Our GM tour guides transported us to these areas so we could get a feeling for the variety in locations in Zendo.

  • Eguna Icy Cliff is, as the name implies, a cold mountainous location inhabited by the boss Hastex.
  • The Cave of Smelting Magma is, you guessed it, a hot and steamy volcanic location.
  • The final of the three special areas is the Desert of Sand presided over by a sort of Mech Tyrannosaurus Rex.

These area bosses are tough cookies and we died a lot. Of course, the collective level (minus the GMs) of the four of us was only about half of what’s needed to even enter these dungeons. From what the GMs told us, the rewards are well-worth the difficulty of taking down these bosses. One interesting side note is that death is more like being knocked out and players auto-revive after a time. In our case, the auto-revival was short-lived but you get my point.

The final type of quest players can try out in Zendo are the Collection Quests. These are basically crafting quests with a twist.  Collection quests send you to special zones to get materials to turn in in order to progress to the next area. Players use materials to make bait or special hunting tools to take to certain areas to summon monsters. There are over twenty monsters that can be summoned by players. When defeated, players can head back to the NPC for rewards. In addition, she will reveal special ways to summon specific types of monsters which will yield even more rewards. These quests are repeatable.

While we didn’t see any specific examples of the types of rewards players can get by participating in Zendo’s 130+ quests, the GM team assured us that they were well worth the effort to complete in order to score some awesome reputation gear and swag.

For Luvinia Online players, Zendo is definitely something to aspire to reach. It’s packed with those 130 quests, twenty new monster types and unique crafting materials to create over a dozen new armor types. As leveling in LO seems fairly quick, it’s worth heading into the game to get to the magic level 40 to head into Zendo.


Suzie Ford

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