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Yedang Online E3 Look Forward

Michael Hampden Posted:
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Yedang Online is a portal coming this way, including Priston Tale II

We sat down for a quick chat with Jay Park, Overseas Marketing Director for Yedang Online, to talk about his company’s upcoming effort to bring Korean games into the North American Market. Yadang Online plans to bring not one, but four games across the pond. Obviously entering the North American market is a daunting challenge for any foreign publisher; Jay tells us that Yedang Online will meet this challenge by focusing on translation and localization in their games. While both of these are integral in creating a successful port, Yedang also plans to work on changing cultural aspects in their games, in order to make the games more familiar to North American users.

Yedang Online is perhaps best known for their title, PrisonTale, which has been released all over the globe, in countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines, to name a few. PrisonTale, released in 2001, went on to have over 1.5 Million users. The company obvious hopes to have similar success with the new crop of titles they are bringing over to North America. These titles include PrisonTale II: 2nd Enigma, Dance Battle Audition, Laxe Lore, and Shooro.

PrisonTale II is a fantasy-style MMO that harnesses the power of the Unreal Engine. Jay told us that when developing 2nd Enigma, Yedang Online focused on creating cutting edge graphics, and providing an arcade-style level of action. This level of action is provided in part by 2nd Enigma’s combo system, which includes 10 different combo attacks. Though Jay didn’t go into much detail about the system, he was very excited about the system’s capabilities. Jay also emphasized the great effort Yedang Online put in to creating a good economy for the game, and players can even use their existing items–weapons or armor, for example–to create newer, more powerful items.

Jay also told us about Shooro, a Sci-Fi action game created to appeal to the more casual gamers out there. Jay told us that Shooro is currently the #1 casual action MMO in China. Shooro is also amongst the top 5 overall MMO games in China. Shooro is also doing well in Korea, and is growing in companies like Vietnam and China. The game features an anime-esque art style, and focused mainly on combat.

One title we only briefly spoke about was Dance Battle Audition, a Dance Rhythm Action Game. We known these types of games are very popular in Asia, but it will be difficult to see what kind of response it will receive from North American gamers. Dance Battle Audition features lots of different items you can use to customize the appearance of your character, there is also space set aside singles to meet up and chat.

Laxe Lore is essentially an updated version of PristonTale, which we mentioned earlier. PristonTale fans can look forward to all new graphics, and loads of new items to acquire. Pet fans will like the fact that the game feature’s a pet system that will allow you to care for a pet over a long period of time, and watch it grow and develop new abilities.

This may be only the first of a few titles to come from Yedang Online, check out MMORPG.com for news about these, and other future titles from Yedang.

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Michael Hampden