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What's Next: Patch 1.4

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Fallen Earth continues to innovate and listen to its players. The game has a solid fan base and is now adding Patch 1.4 to give players some great end game options as well as some content updates and new gear. If you saw the Fallen Earth IPhone app recently you will now that this game takes its fans seriously and works to keep their players in the game and fighting it out on the post-nuke landscape.

The first addition in 1.4 will be the arena based combat for players. The Blood Sports kick off with several different PvP scenarios for players to take part in. Capture the Flag, Assault, Death Match, and Survival are all on the menu for players to test their skills. The team worked to design zones that gave both melee and ranged players plenty of challenges. Some areas are tight quarters that give the advantage to melee combat, while other parts of the zone favor the ranged combat classes. The Assault phase is two teams of eight battling it out. Where the Death Match and Survival fights are between sixteen players. In Capture the Flag, the devs pointed out that the flag is also a weapon that can be used to beat foes within the game.

The Banker sub faction has been added. They run the arenas and profit from the players' deaths. Players can acquire gear and glory by fighting it out. There will be weapons and armor that are geared toward the arenas. For players looking to make a name for themselves there will be leader boards for individuals and clans. The overall feel of the arenas is fast paced combat and gives end game players a much needed area to test their skills.

On the PvE front, players will be getting some new levels as the cap is raised from 46-50. There will be 130 new missions with all kinds of new rewards. Armor, Gear, weapons, and crafting items will be part of the patch giving players access to lots of new equipment. Another great addition is the new mount, the Blight Wolf. This monster roams the apocalypse and carries its riders into battle or on exploration missions. We hope to see screen shots of the Blight Wolf soon.

As you, know Fallen Earth takes place in a post nuke area. The storyline for the patch involves the Tech Faction and how they are building towers to Terra-form the area into usable land again. These towers are huge creations which push back the radiation allowing for more areas to explore and use for resources.

Shiva's Favored also will be getting a change as players will be able to interact more with the villainous faction in Deadfall. Some of the quests you will get from this group lead to the quest line for the Blight Wolf so definitely is sure to explore this area well. There is housing zone for the Favored as well that players can check out and trade, sell or buy items.

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The 1.4 patch has a lot to offer players in Fallen Earth. The game continues to listen to players needs and is adding loads of content to help new players join as well as keep their end game players happy in the gloomy apocalypse. With plenty of crafting options, new mounts, gear and loot along with their new IPhone app coming soon, Fallen Earth is truly turning into a full service MMO. Something other games have not been able to accomplish.

Players can expect great things with the new patch and should get ready for the new missions when it is released. The team expects the patch sometime in the second quarter so hopefully by summer we will have lots of new things to do in Deadfall. As well as being able to fight it out in the arenas for gear and glory. Thanks to the Fallen Earth team for the update. It is great to see an MMO continue to put its players first and take into consideration their input before launching a patch.


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