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What Race do I Play - Koada'Dal (High Elves)

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EverQuest II - What Race do I Play - Koada'Dal (High Elves)

When players first enter EverQuest II one of the very first choices that they have to make is which race to play. With all of the choices available, new players and old alike may have trouble making the decision. Today, Adele Caelia tells us why it's good to play a High Elf in Norrath.

Koada’Dal Facts

  1. Beautiful, captivating, tall and elegant
  2. Only the finest clothing and hair styles
  3. Always keep their armor in the best condition
  4. Oldest and first race on Norrath created by Tunare
  5. Come from Felwithe
  6. Love art, design, and nature
  7. Think they are the most pure and look down on others
  8. Intellectual superiority
  9. Orderly and disciplined
  10. Dark elves are their mortal enemy
  11. Chosen of Tunare, hence the ego


Koada’Dal History

The Koada’Dal, also known as the High Elves are the first children of Tunare the goddess of growth and mother of all that is beautiful in Norrath. The High Elves were born long ago when Tunare walking through the woods noticed a glint of sunlight on her gown. Touching the light, Tunare whispered a few words, and the Koada’Dal were born.

The Koada’Dal once lived in Tunaria, now Antonica, and now hail from the fair city of Felwithe, built with the help of the dwarves. The mixing of dwarven stonework and elven magic created the most beautiful city in all of Norrath. The walls of Felwithe are covered in ivy with streams and ponds flowing throughout. Legend says that Felwithe was built upon Caerthiel, a dark elf city. Most High Elves deny this, but there are a few that say there is evidence under the city. The elves were forced to flee Tunaria when Solusek Ro envious of the blessings given to them by Tunare, and jealous of Tunare herself, altered the great mountain causing the sun to burn down upon Tunaria drying up the land, trees, and water. Innoruuk, the prince of hate was also jealous of Tunare, and attempted to lure the elven prince to the plane of hate. The elven king and queen went in place of the prince, and Innoruuk surprised, but happy by this turn of events quickly swept them away to the plane of hate. Innoruuk then tortured and turned them against one another recreating them in his own image, thus came into being the Teir’Dal or Dark Elves. After the destruction of the Elddar Forest of Tunaria and the loss of their king and queen, the High Elves sailed across the Ocean of Tears, the ocean being the tears of Tunare that she shed for her children. The city of Felwithe is named after Alissa Felwithe, who took leadership of the elves in this dark time.

Tunare loved the Koada’Dal more than any of her elves; this caused jealousy between the races of the elves. Jealousy twisted the hearts of the Tier’Dal, also known as Dark Elves, and they have since been mortal enemies of the High Elves. The Tier’Dal claim lineages through elven royals, but all high elves know this to be a farce. The Feir’Dal, or Wood Elves, are considered by the High Elves to be merely slaves to do their bidding, and consider them pathetic. As for the non-elven races of good, the High Elves merely tolerate them.

The Koada’Dal and Tier’Dal have been long at war. One of the more noted being the War of the Fay. During this war those of Neriak entered the fair city of Felwithe and slew their king Tearis Thex. The Tier’Dal at this slaying thought that the war was won and cried out in glee, but this only enraged the Koada’Dal, and shown being shown the weakness of the Tier’Dal through the blessed mother, the Koada’Dal found that the dark ones had left their rear unguarded and swooped in slaughtering them all. Through the centuries the Koada’Dal have been there to help all of the races of Norrath when they have been in need, but the favor has not always been returned. In the Age of War, the Koada’Dal sent assistance to the humans to defend Tunaria, even though the barbarians dared to defile the name of the goddess by calling it Antonica. After the Battle of Defiance many High Elves stayed near Qeynos for needed repairs, and although they did not find the city beautiful, it was tolerable for the work of humans, and the addition of High Elves could only add some elegance.

When the gods abandoned the races of Norrath, Tunare did not leave her beloved High Elves, and they could feel her guidance. Though few others heard the voice directly, the High Elves heard the voice of the Tranquil in their dreams. The words were troubling as they told the elves to travel to the city of men and make their home there, and although it was no surprise to the Koada’Dal that they, the first children should be the one to hear the words, nevertheless, the words were troubling. Some of the elves returned to Felwithe right away to retrieve their art and heirlooms, but others remained in Qeynos not expecting that doom would be upon them so quickly. Thus when the rending was over the lands were changed, and the High Elves that remained in Qeynos were separated from their home. Now Tunare has returned to the first children and has shown them the way home. The Koada’Dal that remained in Qeynos have not found Felwithe to be the same as when they left it, and now being named New Tunaria it is inhabited by evil, and the queen has been blinded. The Koada’Dal that were left behind now seek a way to rid their home of this evil and restore true peace to Felwithe.


Why Play a Koada’Dal?

I really find myself confused as to why I would even need to answer this question. Why would you play anything else? I know some of the lesser races of Norrath will need more explaining, and being a Koada’Dal myself I am happy to enlighten them. High elves are the most beautiful race on Norrath, in fact they are so beautiful it is sometimes difficult for the lesser races to look upon their faces. They often carry a long silk sash to cover their beauty if it becomes too difficult for others to look upon their grace. Once long ago in Felwithe there was a little Gnome who wandered through the gates, and as he looked upon the elves for the first time he froze in place, overwhelmed by the beauty before him. No one knows how he got there, or from whence he came, but it is no wonder that he was drawn there by his soul in seeking such beauty and grace as only the elves could offer. He remained for months, and the healers were forced to feed him by hand until finally they gently wrapped his eyes with a piece of cloth and led him back to his homeland. It is said he eventually recovered.

If beauty is not enough to draw you near, there is always the intelligence of the High Elves. Their high intelligence leads them to be great at all they do, and they especially excel in the magic arts, and the art of healing. It is said that there is no spell that a Koada’Dal cannot cast, and no wound that the elves cannot cure. The High Elves are most wise, and due to their wisdom they were given the task by Tunare to care for their lesser cousins the Wood Elves. Indeed, it is a lot of work, but the High Elves hold dear all life, and they know that without their help the Wood Elves would surely waste away. The Wood Elves are grateful for all that the High Elves do for them, and repay them by doing their bidding, and often groveling at their feet when they cannot find answers to the problems that pursue them. The Koada’Dal do tire of this, but again it is not always easy being so wise. It is not only the Wood Elves who are in need of the wisdom of the Koada’Dal, all the races of Norrath come to the elves in search of wisdom, although as with the Gnome this can often be dangerous being that to look upon the face of a Koada’Dal is to look upon Tunare herself.

So why should one play a Koada’Dal? Beauty, grace, wisdom, and the envy of the other races leaves little reason to not play a Koada’Dal. Sure at first it will be most difficult being worshipped by the other races of Norrath, but after time it will become easier until at last it is just second nature. High Elves were the first race on Norrath, and also the first to be chosen when it comes to picking a character in Norrath. Of course other races are sometimes chosen, but deep down they wish they were all elves.


Racial Starting Statistics

Stats Resists
  • Strength: 10
  • Agility: 22
  • Stamina: 15
  • Intelligence: 23
  • Wisdom: 30
  • Mental: 4
  • Heat: 0
  • Cold: 0
  • Magic: 4
  • Divine: 4
  • Poison: 2
  • Disease: 0


Racial Traits

(to be chosen at levels 10,20,30,40,50,60,70)

  • Esoteric Study- +5 to Scribing Skill (Permanent)
  • Elven Wisdom- +5 WIS (Permanent)
  • Gliding of Felwithe- +5 to artificing (Permanent)
  • Graceful Movements- +5 defense and parrying skills (Permanent)
  • Harmonious Mind- Increases wisdom and out of combat power regeneration (lasts 3 min, 10 min recast)
  • Tenet of Takish’Hiz- +3% magic resistance (Permanent)
  • Connoisseur of Fine Wines- +25 drink duration (Permanent)
  • Arcane Knowledge- 3% Power (Permanent)
  • Training of Koada’Dal- Priest- =2% heal crit, +5 ministration, Mage: +2% spell crit, +5 disruption (Permanent)
  • Fury of Felwithe- AE encounter DD (2 min recast)


Unique Spells and Abilities


  • Intricate Creations- Tradeskill power reduction (Permanent)
  • Mind over matter- Slow fall toggle buff


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