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WAR: City Overview - Altdorf

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WAR: City Overview - Altdorf

It's that time again! The folks over at EA Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning have released new assets ans articles relating to their upcoming game. In this Citty Overview, the team tells us about Altdorf, the seat of the Empire's Emperor.

The great city of Altdorf is, in many ways, the heart of the Empire. The seat of the Emperor himself, Karl Franz, lies here in Altdorf within his grand, towering palace overlooking the vast city.

Beyond the palace, the streets of Altdorf are lined with blocks of tall, aging row houses that have been built up and onto repeatedly with each passing generating. On the winding streets, merchants peddle their wares including various sundries, weaponry, "rat on a stick" snacks, apothecary leeches, and anything else that will fetch a price.

The goal of the art design for the city was to relay the feeling of a living and thriving city, bustling with activity, while still showing a gritty and aging place as war and Chaos takes its toll. Some buildings are in disrepair. There are beggars and refuse in the streets. Sewers are rumored to be home to unspeakable things...

Even with this decay, the city is still a grand sight to see. You can find yourself walking in narrow corridors of high row houses only to round the corner and enter the decorated plaza surrounding the Temple of Sigmar, one of the great landmarks within Altdorf. Altdorf also has a large dock district with many Empire war galleons and smaller, mercantile vessels making port.

Another noteworthy landmark within Altdorf is the ever-burning Bright Wizard College. Huge gouts of flame and choking smoke billows from within this stone and metal citadel where wizards of the Empire learn their craft. The neighboring buildings have been reduced to ash and ruin by various, fiery experiments gone awry.

Any visitor to Altdorf will have a memorable experience, as this key city is a glorious testament to the achievements of the Empire.

Glory to Sigmar!


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