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VPN and the Importance of Internet Security (SPONSORED)

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Security online is very important. Why wouldn't you want to protect something where all the precious data you have is placed? Modern smartphones and laptops are more than just communication tools. We read, shop, order, communicate, do banking, and run a business online. All of this make hacking into your computer even more attractive for a cyber criminal than it was a couple of years ago. If five-six years ago the main targets for a professional hacker were governmental organizations and big corporations, today it is an average user as well.

But having an anti-malware and an antivirus is not enough anymore. You need to have a good basic protection that is going to stop people from hacking not only into your computer, but into your network as well. And that solid base is a VPN. Let's talk about it a little bit more. Before this, go to bestvpnrating to see the whole list of best VPNs for gamers in case you play online a lot.

Why VPN?

Keeping your online environment safe is crucial not only in terms of online privacy and anonymity, but also in terms of your financial data. With the ability to do an everyday stuff online using a smartphone only, we've started to do banking, pay in the department stores, order from online shops even more. And it's normal, as it is convenient and time-saving. But if your online security system is weak, it is also a dangerous thing to do.

Why can't you keep all data safe without a VPN?

A VPN is a multipurpose tool, which is not even used to its maximum potential. For example, many people install a VPN on their home computers to get access to restricted streaming channels and file sharing platforms only, forgetting about its main function – data protection. Firstly, a VPN should be installed on your smartphone, as nowadays we spend more time on smartphones and tablets rather than laptops or computers. So, please, go to this site and check which VPN fits your mobile OS and your personal requirements most. The choice is great and you will definitely find something interesting there.

Where might you need a VPN?

  • While travelling abroad. Many American websites are restricted in Europe and Asia. Haven't you ever heard about Internet problems in China? A VPN gives access to free Internet no matter which country you are in.
  • On a public network in coffee shops, airports, hotels, department stores, etc. Free Wi-Fi zones are the easiest way to hack someone else's smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • At home. Don't you know your Internet service provider can monitor and record your Internet traffic to sell it for marketing goals?

A VPN transfers your traffic in an encrypted tunnel, so no one else can read it even if sharing the same network with you. If you're working remotely, a VPN becomes a must-have tool. Sending business files in an unprotected network is like sending them across the open water in the ocean. They can get lost easily. So, get at least a free VPN service.


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