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Two New Logos Symbols!

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Tabula Rasa: Two New Logos Ideograms Translated

Tabula Rasa, when it launches, is going to be a unique MMORPG with many diffferent elements and features. Today, with the help of our friends at NCsoft, MMORPG.com has translated two new ideograms from their unique, in-game language, making these the thrid and fourth symbol to be released through our site.

As readers may or may not be aware, Tabula Rasa, the upcoming MMORPG from NCsoft and Richard Garriott will include a special, translatable, in-game language called logos. Currently, the folks over at Tabula Rasa are running a contest to see who can be the first to decode their message, which can be found here. Here is what their official website has to say about the contest:

Nearly 50 years ago, an archeologist found an unusual artifact during a routine research project in Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It was a small disk with a metallic triskelion in the center and strange ideograms along the edge. The unusual disk was dubbed "The Mystery of Piedra de las Acianos" and received very little attention for many years.

Several years ago, "The Benefactor Stone", as the disk was now called, found its way to the United States. A small team of serious researchers began to examine the disk using an array of modern scientific equipment. They found that the ideograms constituted a unique form of communication. They further hypothesized that the disk itself was possibly of alien origin.

The excitement surrounding this discovery eventually led to the establishment of a privately funded research project now known as the Benefactor Stone Project (commonly referred to as the BSP).

The Benefactor Stone Project reproduced a series of disks bearing certain ideograms from the original Benefactor Stone for worldwide distribution. Many people participated in this project, helping to translate the strange symbols on the disks.

Now, there are more. The BSP has discovered a message in this language at an undisclosed location and wants your help in translating it.

Today, MMORPG.com is pleased to unveil the third and fourth ideogram released through our site!

Just click on the images to get the translations!


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