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Timeline Series Part Two

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The Chronicles of Spellborn - Timeline Series Part Two

The folks at The Chronicles of Speallborn have started a new series of features that will create a timeline for lore from the game. Today, we present Part Two: Death's Dream (Year 0 - 500).

Death’s Dream (0 - 500 AC)

To most scholars it is unknown what has happened in this period. Some of them are not even convinced it lasted a full 500 years. What is known is that the remnants of the world - the various Shards and Fragments - are covered in Undying Ice during this period and that all survivors of the Great Collapse are frozen in time, trapped within a deep slumber.

Want To Know More?

Shards: The Shards are remnant pieces of the Ancestor World floating within the Deadspell Storm. They usually shield their interior habitat (oppidan and levee) from outside influences with a gigantic carapace (consisting out of an inner and an outer carapace) stretching over it. Shards should not be confused with Fragments, which might be as large but lack a carapace. Nor should they be confused with Raftyards, which are considerably smaller, also lack a carapace and are man-made.

Oppidan: The inhabited pieces of land from the Ancestor World locked inside a Shard. Outer Carapace: The outer rock shell of a Shard. Often has a recognizable form. Focal Aperture(s): The hole(s) which reach through both carapaces allowing light coming from the Deadspell Storm to shine inside. Inner Carapace: The inner rock shell of a Shard. The form of the inner carapace almost never follows that of the outside carapace. Levee: The space inside a Shard which is not occupied by the Oppidan. It is often considerably larger than the Oppidan functionally requires.

Known Shards: Parliament, Ringfell, Quarterstone, Mount of Heroes.

Fragments: Fragments are like small Shards, yet they lack a carapace and constantly bathe unprotected in the swirling light of the Deadspell Storm. Life is possible and sustainable on them, although beings are subject to more violent manifestations of the Deadspell Storm, whether that be entities or rogue magic storms.

Known Fragments: The Athenaeum, Hood’s Belfry...

Undying Ice: Magical ice that instantly encased all the created Shards and Fragments directly after the Great Collapse. It is believed to have formed after the magical energies of the Altar of the Undying were set free, thus it is assumed that the Ice is a direct consequence of destroying the Altar. Melting it requires a piece of the Altar itself to be hold in contact with it.


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