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Timeline Series Part One

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The Chronicles of Spellborn - Timeline Series Part One

The folks at The Chronicles of Speallborn have started a new series of features that will create a timeline for lore from the game. Today, we present part One: The Great Collapse (Year 0).

The Great Collapse (year 0)

The eight High Houses of the humans and their daevi slavedrivers form a last alliance against their Vhelgar masters and destroy their source of power and magic: the Altar of the Undying. Yet, the cost of freedom is high: destroying the Altar also destroys the world itself and throws its various pieces into a swirling sea of untapped magic: the Deadspell Storm.

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Vhelgar are ancient intelligent creatures. Serving only the Eight Demons they had many servitor-races under their command and ruled the Ancestor World with an iron fist. It would take the destruction of the Altar of the Undying and the Ancestor World to rid the humans and daevi from their rule. Their current whereabouts are unknown, yet it is rumoured they are in wait on Shards of their own.

Altar of the Undying

The source of power used by the Vhelgar, though it also provided the entire world with the gift of magic. It was destroyed by the human and daevi alliance as a final desperate measure to free them from the Vhelgar.

Deadspell Storm

Gigantic maelstrom of magical energies in any form. It holds together all Shards, Fragments and Raftyards of what used to be the Ancestor World. Energy waves in the Deadspell Storm flow in a certain direction forming two pulsating ends. The light they emit grows dim or bright over time in consistent cycles. This effect provides the Shards with day and night.


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