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Things to Know About the Anthem VIP Demo

Michael Bitton Posted:
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BioWare’s been working over the last month or so to polish up a demo of Anthem and today players will finally be able to get their hands on it. Before you jump in , there are a couple of things to know about the demo.

Demo Access

First things first, if you want to play the VIP demo this weekend you’ll need either Origin (or EA) Access or to have pre-ordered the game. That or you got a friend pass from someone you know who has either of those. If you can’t get in to play this weekend, don’t sweat it, because the demo will be freely available to all next Friday, Feb 1. The VIP demo runs from today beginning at 9AM PT through Sunday, Jan 27.


The Anthem VIP demo will throw you somewhere into the middle of the critical path at level 10. You’ll be able to play through three missions, explore some of the game world through free roam gameplay, and even complete one of the game’s three Strongholds. You’ll also be capped at level 15 during this demo. Progress from the VIP demo will not carry over into the full game, but it will carry over into next week’s free demo.

Choose Your Javelin

All four javelins will be available to play during the demo, but you’ll only be able to unlock one additional suit, so choose wisely. Everyone will start off with the Ranger and then gain access to a second suit pick once they reach level 12.  Here’s a TL;DR breakdown of the four javelins:

  • Ranger - Versatile jack-of-all-trades javelin. This is your Iron Man/War Machine fantasy.
  • Colossus - A massive javelin capable of tanking damage for his allies, firing off mortars, bashing in skulls with his shield, and setting the world on fire. Oh, and he gets access to heavy weapons, too.
  • Storm - This is your glass cannon “mage” of Anthem. If you want to lord over the battlefield  slinging fireballs, calling down lightning strikes, or freezing your enemies, this is the javelin for you.
  • Interceptor – The ninja. The Interceptor is nimble and is great in melee if that’s what you’re looking for. The suit is for players who always want to be on the move or who want to really get into enemies’ faces.

What’s Different?

The build you’ll be playing is different in some key ways from what you’ll find at launch. Besides being six weeks old, it’s also tuned to be a bit easier. Drops may be more frequent and/or better in quality. Cosmetics will also all be a flat 25 Coin (you’ll be given some Coin to play around with them). Basically, expect more bugs than you’ll find in the final game and expect for things to be a bit easier and more generous so that you can get the most out of your limited playtime.


While this is a demo, BioWare is looking for some specific feedback on the game’s audio. If you’re interested in helping out, you can find more info here.


BioWare recently announced some exclusive vinyls that will be made available in the full game to all players who take part in the VIP demo. They’re pretty cool looking, so definitely play if you can!


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