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The T-Bird Mount

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From July 16 to July 23, Nexon is making available the Thunderbird, a flying mount of rare beauty with dashing blue feathers that appear soaked in the indigo sky of Iria.

There is a fascinating legend concerning the Thunder Bird--namely, that lightning strikes from its sharp beak and thunder roars when it flaps its wings. For many years, Thunder Birds were regarded only as creatures of wonder, leaving little else known to the public.

Since then, Thunder Birds have been dramatically reborn for a life of fantasy and are eagerly awaiting to soar through the skies of Iria.

As a master of the Thunder Bird, you will receive a boost in your MP as well as Attack rate. However, flying is something that requires a high level of concentration and alertness, as many factors such as wind, humidity, temperature, topography, fog and sometimes even Palala and Eweca's gravitation can affect flight. Due to these conditions, Thunder Birds do not prefer to fly in unfamiliar territories outside of its habitat in Iria.

Available Skills

  • Defense Skill
  • Smash Skill
  • Counter Attack Skill
  • Combat Mastery Skill
  • Critical Hit Skill
  • Rest Skill
  • Healing Skill
  • Icebolt Skill
  • First Aid Skill

Summon Time 88 min. / HP 48 / MP 37 / Stamina 55 / Strength 29 / Intelligence 27 / Dexterity 35 / Will 27 / Luck 10 / Inventory Size 6 x 6

Mabinogi: T-Bird Mabinogi: T-Bird

Mabinogi: T-Bird Mabinogi: T-Bird

Mabinogi: T-Bird


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