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The Quiz: P2P to F2P

Drew Wood Posted:
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Happy Friday, everyone. To celebrate the end of the work/school week, the beginning of the coveted weekend (Hallowe'en weekend, no less!), I give you the MMORPG.com quiz! This week, what with the announcement coming earlier in the week that Champions Online is going F2P in the New Year, I've decided to give you a quiz based on some of the titles that have gone over to F2P. So please, find below some trivia questions about some of the games that have made the big F2P leap.


Q: Back in 2007-2008 when Champions Online was still in development, it was working under a much different title. What was it?


Q: In an effort to appease some of their players, what did Turbine introduce as a reward for players for reaching level 10 with a character in Lord of the Rings Online?


Q: With Everquest II: Extended a very new reality, we feel justified in including ol' EQII on this quiz. Only 4 of the 19 races and 8 of the 24 classes are available without purchase in Everquest II: Extended. Name the races and classes available for the freebies.


Q: In the Delera's Tomb quests in Dungeons & Dragons Online, someone of note serves as the all-knowing DM. Who is it?


Q: Mythic was not the first developer on board for the now “Never Ending trial” offering Warhammer Online (Not strictly F2P, but the never-ending trial is pretty close and hey, it’s a quiz for fun). Yes, Mythic took over the license in 2005, but Games Workshop had the license out with another company. Who was it?


So thus ends our walk through Quiz Park for this week. Be sure to join us next week as our ventures take us through Quiz Square, for a little fishing in the Quiz Pond.


Drew Wood