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The Precious Stones of the Forgotten Temple Patch Overview

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Cabal Online: The Precious Stones of the Forgotten Temple Patch Overview

Last Week, we published a video highlighting a new dungeon being added in Cabal Online's most recent Precious Stones of the Forgotten Temple update. Today, we bring you an overview of what players can expect in the patch coming on September 18th.

‘The Precious Stones of the Forgotten Temple’ is the second major expansion of the year for the free-to-play game CABAL Online. Including a whole host of new features, bug fixes and positive changes to balance the game, the update provides an array of new content for both old and new players alike.

General Notes:

  • Over 160 new features, changes and bug fixes
  • Most jam-packed and challenging expansion to-date
  • Incorporates many of the suggestions made by users – improvements to the pet system, crafting, nation wars and the introduction of a challenging dungeon full of quests, puzzles and fun.
  • Set for release September 18th

Available by free download at www.cabalonline.com and via the patcher

Brand New Raiding Dungeon – Forgotten Temple B2F

  • Over twenty new encounters, each more challenging than the next
  • Not your normal hack’n’slash – dungeon full of puzzles, mystery and challenges which test both a players strength and ability to strategise
  • Brand new rewards and treasures to gain – new accessories, armours and jewellery for those who succeed
  • New high level Quests to explore

Pets brought to life

  • Total revamp of the pet feature
  • Players are now able to train, fully customise and fight with (or against..) their faithful companions
  • As a pet is levelled it develops, changing its appearance, stats and benefits to its master
  • Over 33 pets for players to buy, trade and own – find the perfect pet to match your personality

Developments to item upgrade system

  • Expansion of the upgrade system - ability to upgrade items to +9. But watch out! Extending your items can bring great strength but comes with great risk (enchanting an item from +8 to +9 comes with the risk of breaking the item entirely).
  • Improved crafting system

Improvements to the PvP War System

  • Continuing on the previous expansions changes, the new expansion further improves the daily and weekly nation wars.
  • Increased number of channels and wars per day to make the wars more accessible than ever before
  • War channels based on players level creating more even and contested wars between the two teams
  • Changes to the war environment make wars faster paced, slicker and more enjoyable than ever before. Less messing about and more fighting!
  • New features improving the overall war experience – this includes changes to the UI (such as map coordinates) and brand new commands (players are now able to automatically target enemy players in range with the z button)

And of course much, much, much more!

  • Bug fixes to many of the small errors reported by users
  • New cash shop items, including several new epulates (outfits)
  • Removal of game features from the trade channel creating a market channel for the buying and selling of items
  • A whole host of other changes to game play, including the reduction of the entry levels for most dungeons, improvements to the games UI and balancing of many of the early games content.


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