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The Planes of Hate and Fear Return in The Broken Mirror

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The Broken Mirror, the 22nd (!) expansion for the original EverQuest, will launch on Wednesday, November 18. The Daybreak developers recently demoed the expansion during a livestream event, and we’re recapping it all for those who missed it.  

The story of The Broken Mirror focuses on the goddess Anashti Sul, who has been split into her most dominant aspects (life and decay), and seeks to take command of planes of power in order to survive.

Looking to tap into the nostalgia angle, Daybreak is bringing back the original planes of Hate and Fear with The Broken Mirror, only this time they will be level scaling zones (75-105).  These zones will have content for both groups and raids and the encounters have been updated to resemble more contemporary fights, with increased complexity and mechanics.

Loot will be different in the planes of Hate and Fear, too. Since the zone scales, base items will drop at level 75 and can then be upgraded through points that players will earn from progressing through the available content.

Speaking of loot, there will be four new Heroes Forge armor sets available in The Broken Mirror. These will include one set for raiders and one for groups, and two sets not yet revealed.

Before players jump into the planes of Hate and Fear, they’ll start their adventures on the plane of Health. It’s here that players will need to use their broken mirror to switch back and forth between the healthy and decayed versions of these zones to complete tasks (including puzzles!) involved in their content.

Each class gets a new progressive spell, as well.  These new spells will emphasize the core of their respective class and will become progressively more powerful and useful (up to six ranks) as players go through the expansion.

Pre-orders for the expansion are now live with three different editions available for purchase:

  • The Standard Edition ($34.99) comes with an Illusion Key Ring (used for storing up to 10 illusions) and Shroud of the Bokon illusion.
  • The Collector’s Edition ($89.99) includes the previously mention items, 10 additional slots for your Illusion Key Ring, the Shroud of Relife illusion, a 40-slot bag, portals to the Plane of Health, a mercenary, and a Reflections of Life in Decay painting you can place in your house.
  • The Premium Edition ($139.99) includes the previously mentioned items, another 30 slots for your Illusion Key Ring, and the Pridewing Lion mount,

Those who pre-order at any level are granted access to the beta (currently ongoing).

Players on time-locked progression servers can also purchase an adventure pack that grants the 40-slot Steadfast Satchel and three Bottles of Adventure II (+25% EXP).


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