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The Path to Ascension Contest Begins on May 31st - SPONSORED

William Murphy Posted:
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Ascension is coming to ArcheAge on May 31st, and that’s a pretty big deal. There’s plenty of reason to be excited about the imminent arrival of AA 2.9, and while the specifics of new features and functionality are still under wraps, we did manage to eke some info out of Executive Producer Merv Lee Kwai regarding the cool contests and in-game events that Trion will be staging next week in celebration of this huge new addition to their epic MMO…But the biggest addition? It’s all about the Player Nation System, where the men and women of ArcheAge can become sovereigns and lay claim to their own sects of land.  Around this big new addition to the game, Trion’s launching an exciting new contest that only six total guilds will be able to win.

Do you have the drive and determination to become royalty among the warfaring guilds of ArcheAge? Can you be one of the first to claim the throne? Trion Worlds is calling out every guild in ArcheAge to see who can declare their independence as a Player Nation first.

When Ascension launches on May 31st, the first three guilds to found a nation in each region (EU and NA) will earn special rewards for winning the Path to Ascension Contest:

  • First Place – Enoan Galleon Design + 500 Lord Coins
  • Second Place – Enoan Galleon Design
  • Third Place – 500 Lord Coins

A preview of the Enoan Galleon Design…

As an important note, these Enoan Galleon designs (pictured here) will be tradable and awarded to the Guild Leader to use as they see fit.  There is no expiration date on this event, and it will continue until the first three nations are founded in each region.

War is about to take on a whole new meaning in ArcheAge. Good luck, future Sovereigns, and watch your backs as you walk the Path to Ascension!

Not quite part of the elite few bound to be working on becoming a sovereign? Well, no worries. Beginning on June 9th Trion will be hosting a recurring Community Creations Contest every month. All you have to do is record your gameplay (using something like Plays.TV, Forge, OBS, Xsplit, Fraps, Bandicam) and get creative! Make a guide to something, make a Spanish Soap Opera set in Nuia, a recreation of the classic moving Unforgiven… or you know, just a funny video like The Hive Leader throwing a Bill Murphy Dwarf.

The contest will run for 2 weeks, then again every other 2 weeks, and 10 winners and 20 honorable mentions will be selection to get rewarded with unique Titles and Loyalty Tokens. Trion’s looking for effort, creativity, and quality – effort being the most important of the three. So don’t be shy! Get creative!


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