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The Nightmare of the Fae

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It’s no secret that Atrophinius and the Ascended got off on the wrong hoof. They came to blows in the Realm of the Fae, again in Runic Descent, and then there was Primeval Feast … but despite all the looting and violence, Atrophinius isn’t crying (much) over spilled mead. He has new responsibilities: a harvest to plan, Hailol to run, and his dragon ward Tasuil to train.

He also has new problems.

A stroke of cosmic unluck has given rise to a nightmarish Realm of the Fae – a dream world where Atrophinius’ deepest fears take on physical form and threaten Telara itself. Chimeric versions of familiar foes now await the Ascended, grinding axes (and teeth and claws) for the twisted battles to come.

Maelow, the first of Atrophinius’ hobgoblins, is a swaggering rockstar. He’s captured the imagination (and hearts) of the twisted Fae, who swoon and faint at his slightest touch. His popularity only wanes when a manifestation of Greenscale, god of Life, eats the fawning attendants. For the ancient dragon still terrorizes Atrophinius, feeding on his dreams while he waits for the Ascended to arrive.

The realm’s third challenge is Atrophinius himself, a memory-made-flesh of our swilling satyr once again filled with rage. This tortured self-image relives a version of his first clash with the Ascended, one haunted by an internal conflict between the ally he’s become and the primal warrior he used to be.

Beyond Atrophinius' meadery, on a frigid ascent touched by the Plane of Water, the strange gives way to madness. A Frozen Terror blocks the path to a dark throne, barring all but the most determined dreamers from facing the evil beyond.

Finally, at the heart of the realm, we find a demon wearing the form of Twyl – a malevolent beast with its own agenda. Having cloaked its presence in the trappings of the past, this false Fae Lord is desperate to escape and unleash darkness upon the present.

While planar scholars continue to debate the phantasms’ true origin, the task for the Ascended is clear: enter Atrophinius’ subconscious, defeat the demons of his past, and save Telara from the Realm of Twisted Dreams.


Guest Writer