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The Music of Elf Online

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The Music of Elf Online

HappyMMO, the company responsible for Elf Online has provided us with these six music tracks from the game. Choose from: desert, forest, formicary, grassland, rock and tomb.

"Background music," we are told, "is crucial to a game, it goes with the storyline and brings special feeling when incidents occur."

Music is usually the un-sung contributor to the feeling of a game.  If someone has ever said to you, "The game was pretty cool, but I just couldn't get into it like I should have," you should probably check outt he music. Chances are that it didn't do the job that it needed to do. In general, game music is meant to draw you into a situation and set the mood.

"The music of Elf Online plays such a role." The folks from HappyMMO say that in terms of the features in Elf Online the music, "provides players a relaxing and mild atmosphere while exploring in the game world."

By way of example, the Elf Online devs have provided us with these six different tracks from the game. The titles should give listeners a good idea of how the music is supposed to make them feel? Do the tracks do their jobs? You decide.


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