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The Monk and More

Donna Desborough Posted:
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Dungeons and Dragons Online: The Monk and More

At Connect '08, MMORPG.com's Donna Desborough had the chance to hear about a few new tidbits that will be making their way into Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online, including the Monk class which will make its debut in Module 7.

The weekend of Codemasters Connect marked the two year anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online. All weekend, celebrations were happening to mark this momentous occasion. Old players were also invited back to play DDO to take part in the celebrations and see just what they've missed out on. This of course was perfect timing for Connect'08 as old players would be able to log in and play DDO at Connect without having the hassle of having to download and re-install the whole game.

While celebrations were happening in the game, we were getting a sneak peak at things at Connect'08. During the Dungeons and Dragons Online roundtable, attendees were able to see the new class that will be coming to DDO in the Mod 7 update. The Monk class. This class is a balance between a Shaolin monk and the traditional monk class from the tabletop Dungeons and Dragons game. The developers have done their best to stay true to the class in the tabletop game and from what we were shown they've actually managed just that.

The Monk will mostly be a hand to hand combat character with proficiencies in quarter staff and exotic weapons, such as the shuriken. Attacks will include both single target and area of affect damage. Good news comes in the form of the lack of restrictions. Any race will have the option of playing the Monk, but there may be mandatory alignments. The Monk class is still in the pre-Alpha stages at the moment, so much could change as decisions are made and the class further developed.

As many will know Gary Gygax, co-creator of D&D, died recently. A trinket has been created in tribute to Gygax called Voice of the Master. This little trinket item gives a small experience boost when equipped. There will also be a tribute to Gygax in one of the graveyards. Fitting reminders for a good man.

Some other good news is that Turbine may be having a serious look at guild housing next year. Of course it's not definite, but it was said to be looked into for a release some time in 2009. That certainly would be very welcome and make many players and guilds happy. I'm sure many would agree with me in saying that this is a feature that should have been brought in some time ago, but I guess better late than never.

Some news for the lovers of crafting. It has been said that crafting will be worked on all year. No details beyond that have been given unfortunately. Still nice to hear for those of us who love to make things.

DDO is now 2 years old so some players were wondering if there was a sequel in the works for Dungeons and Dragons Online. The happy answer is that currently there are no plans for a DDO2. With so much work to be done with the first iteration I don't think we need a second one quite yet. Of course it may be interesting to see other settings, such as Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk, as new versions in the future.

Dungeons and Dragons Online has had a good run so far and is continuing strongly. The game is growing and the developers obviously enjoy what they're doing as they continue to endeavour to improve it for us to play. Happy birthday DDO. Here's to a long and happy life.


Donna Desborough