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The MMO Cancellations Quiz

Jon Wood Posted:
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Last week, MMORPG.com columnist Richard Aihoshi created a short quiz that tested the memories of his readers when it came to some behind the scenes matters. Today, we have extended this idea by branching out and covering a more game specific topic.

When a new MMO launches one of two things will happen: either the game will do at least moderately well and continue to thrive, or it will eventually flounder and die off, forever relegated to the cancellation shelf. Sometimes it happens after the game has had a long and somewhat productive life. Other times, games are cut down before they even see the light of release day.

This week's quiz is designed to test your knowledge of MMOs of times gone by, from cancellation dates to circumstances. Good luck!

1. Despite being a part of Sony Online Entertainment's Station Pass, this game was cancelled in July of 2009. Like a number of Station Pass games, SOE did not develop this title, but rather acquired it from a company called Monolith Productions.


2. This game, cancelled on January 5th, 2005, claimed to be the world's first UMMORPG, Ultra Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game featuring massive amounts of live content and a single server.


3. This game, developed by a company called Climax Online was an MMO based on a famous fantasy IP until the project was cancelled in late 2004. Not to worry though, fans of the franchise would eventually get their game when the IP, developed by another studio, saw a launch in September of 2008.


4. Since 2007, NCsoft has cancelled two major sci-fi AAA MMORPGs. Name them, and the names of the development studios behind them.


5. Before Turbine obtained the rights to create Lord of the Rings Online, another company was developing an MMO set in the same universe. Name both the game, and the company.



Jon Wood