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The End of Azeroth…or the Beginning?

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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So it looks like the time has finally come, the destruction we have all seen since last year’s BlizzCon: Cataclysm. World of Warcraft is finally changing forever and while Patch 4.0.1 brought in some massive changes to the character UI, 4.0.3 is the patch that will change the world itself.

So right now, it looks like the new Patch is here for the holiday weekend and players will be able to check out the new zones and explore the destruction that has occurred. The Tauren Chieftan has died, Thrall has left, and dark times lay ahead for the Horde and the Alliance. Players will have to wait another two weeks for Goblin and Worgen to begin their new characters, but the other class combinations are going to be available now. I guess it is time to make the Orc Mage I always dreamed of.

There are some major changes coming in this patch and players will have a lot on their hands trying to figure out the new landscape. I for one want to see Thousand Needles most of all. The zone I spent hours in years ago running around those giant stone pillars is now changed forever. Desolace is another zone I am eager to explore as the time I spent there was rather depressing and the zone always seemed like it was an afterthought. The changes to the landscape are huge and new players coming into the game will never travel the world we veterans remember.

Another huge game changing element is the 20% reduction to experience in Lich king. As with Burning Crusade the expansion has become somewhat of an afterthought. It seems like Lich King will now be something of the same. Lich King was the expansion that brought me back into WoW as I had left for a long time during the Burning Crusade. I will be sad to see it go, but am eager to see Cataclysm in all of its glory.

I have to say that I am happy the Trolls and Gnomes will be getting their own starting zones finally. Something that is long overdue. As much as I like having the trolls in Durotar, it is great to see that they will have their own area. The Gnomes will get their day in the sun as well. The thing with the new zones however, is that will players who already have characters from these races actually go back and try something new?

The addition of endless new quests will be one of the biggest changes to the game. Blizzard has said that there is a lot they learned about questing in Lich King and it looks like those changes will now be applied to the rest of the world. This is definitely a change for the better as the pacing of quests in Lich King was much faster than before and playing through the zones I definitely felt like I was accomplishing something.

Overall, we can mark today, November 23rd 2010, exactly six years after the launch of World of Warcraft as the day they changed the world. You have to give Blizzard credit for timing on this one. They do a great job of making their big changes fun and awesome for fans.

So Patch 4.0.3 download begins today. Hopefully this weekend will be filled with Thanksgiving left overs and a tour of the new world. Orc Mage for the win, I can finally get revenge for all the times I was sheeped as a shaman.


Garrett Fuller

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