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Testing The Waters: Role Playing 2

Adam Tingle Posted:
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It had been mere days since Trevorr the mage had entered the World of Warcraft in search of adventure, friendship and quest. Talk and tale at the Inn of Goldshire had resulted in bar fights, aggressive wordplay and one request for a sexual encounter conducted entirely in text. The mage fared no better in the grand city of Stormwind; requests for conversation fell upon horrified ears as details of family regicide emerged and the dreaded Kizzwazz (the invisible goblin) was mentioned. Perhaps the world was not yet ready for Trevorr? Even more likely, the world simply abhorred idiotic creations such as Trevorr; a change in tact was surely needed.

I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent

It had been a struggle with my own British mentality but I had excitably indulged and consequently enjoyed Role-Playing. While to many I wasn't truly entering into the spirit of things; I had created a character, loosely chosen a story and proceeded to interact with others. My major problem was my tendency to hide behind a layer of humor and idiocy in an attempt to come to terms with doing something I felt uncomfortable with. Bursts of serious playing would see a lapse of around fifteen minutes where I would dance atop a fountain in underwear; this was my way of relieving my pent up stress and anxiety I suppose.

In pursuit of journalistic professionalism however, I would march forth and conquer. Many people I encountered seemingly took offence to my story of devouring a parent for power on the command of an invisible goblin; this probably had to go to make way for something less outlandish. I sat and studied the information highway, researching other's characters and what is acceptable. One thing that struck me is really how elitist some players are, while my character was somewhat of a foolish creation, I had remained constant in this character, delving into back-story and for my efforts I was simply a loller. I decided on a course of action and how to mould and shape my character further; I set about my quest once more.

I strode purposefully into Stormwind City's Park district, I had a new crimson red robe equipped, a rather stylish 2 handed staff strapped to my back; I felt stylish, cool and in character, it was time to go to work. I found myself a seat and sat down in the crowded inn, daring anyone to speak to me. The minutes past, silence, I found myself edging into loneliness and embarrassment. I finally decided to stand up and take matters into my own hands; I would make friendship my metaphorical bitch; I would socialize the hell out of the next person I saw, this happened to be a bearded man sat in the corner.

Approaching with apprehension I fired off a quick "Hail" I had seen this in EverQuest, it used to go down a storm "Hi, what can I do for you?" came the reply. I was in, I was the friendship Terminator "Oh nothing, I was just looking around and thought you needed a little conversation" I was smooth. "Oh well as it happens I do, my travels in Northrend were lonely and fraught with danger, company is short on hand these days."

I remembered what I had researched and came up with my response "I can imagine, the scourge are a real plague" I was new at this "My name is Trevorr I am a mage, nice to make your acquaintance..." I waited "Faris" came the reply.

For the next hour I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat as we discussed Azeroth, the threat of the Litch and the problem of the average Orc. In the real world such open and demanding conversation with my closest friends would have sent me recoiling in horror but here I was discussing my imagination with a stranger in disguise as a virtual stranger. My cheeks were blazing red, my mind was dazzled by conflict but there I was, Trevorr the mage sat in crimson, cool as a cucumber and role-playing with the best of them.

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