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Ten Reasons to Play Fallen Earth

Paul Cox Posted:
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Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that many people are still up in the air about Fallen Earth. This article will attempt to shed some light on whether or not you're going to want to subscribe to this game. Here is a list of some of the good (yet sometimes controversial) things this game brings to the table.

1 - Fighting!

The combat system. The combat system is quite different from most popular MMOs out there currently. The combat system requires you to aim at your opponent like a first (or third) person shooter. Aiming affects both melee and ranged combat.

2 - Making Stuff

The Crafting system. This is a controversial subject in this game. In Fallen Earth, 95% of all items are craft-able. There is a crafting queue that you can slot items into and they will continue to craft while logged off or even logged onto another character! You can read more on the crafting system in the various other articles found on MMORPG.com or on the forums.

3 - Wide Open Spaces

The World. The world is massive! It can take quite some time to travel to one place or another. Someone is reading this and thinking, "Wait! This is a positive?" To this I say yes, as long as you like to explore. There is no instant travel. Also, you don't run into the issue of quest related mobs being over camped due to the same mobs being in quite a large area. This is also great for those scavenging for components for crafting.

4 - Unique Aesthetic Options

OK, what other game can you wear a towel on your head, wear a trench coat and run around slicing things apart with utility knives, beating things with a golf club, exacting some zombie vengeance with a sniper rifle or driving off a cliff with your ATV? It's the little nuances like this that make this game worth while.

5 - Game Masters

The GM staff. The GM Staff is always on line, monitoring chat and making sure that things are running smoothly. I have never been part of a game where the GMs are so involved.

6 - Side Sites

There are fan sites for this game unlike any other. Post Apoc Radio.com is a streaming radio station that hosts in game parties and plays music that blends well with the atmosphere of the game. They have different DJs at different times. Some of them monitor chat and will even take requests! I have never experienced anything like that in any other game. There is also a Wastelander online newspaper!

7 - Mature...ish Community

The game community is populated mostly by a mature group. You can ask questions and receive help almost instantaneously from other players that have "been there, done that".

8 - Totally Classless

A classless, level based system that can take some time to level if you want to really experience the game. In my opinion there is more to a game then reaching the maximum level as fast as possible. I'm an explorer and I like to visit all the places and I have fun just traveling the countryside randomly sometimes.

9 - One Server, Less Waiting

Only one server. Yes that's right. I said one server. It's more like a network of servers hosting the same game at the same time. Everyone is on one server, so no more trying to have to find people on a server late at night. I have never ran into a situation where there wasn't someone responding within earshot of the regional or help channels.

10 - Balancing Act

Balance between combat types. The ranged and melee are really balanced pretty well in this game. No one side has the clear advantage as in some games. It is pretty much left to skill to determine who is better as far as PVP goes.

On my end, from the day that I purchased my copy of this game for launch, I found myself impressed and not at all disappointed. Sure, there are down sides to the game, and developers are still working hard to iron out the kinks that come with any newly launched game, but the overall experience really appeals to my play style.

So, in the end, if the above points are something that you've been looking for, you should probably pick this game up. If you're still not sure, wait for them to offer a trial and give it a try for yourself.


Paul Cox