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Survivor Guy Part 3

Adam Tingle Posted:
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I was crafting my own personal Eden this much was true, and the first port of call for this type of endeavour was certainly a campfire. I had trouble with this element of the game before, with a laundry list of requirements needed to illuminate my simple river-side with fiery light. I had the requisite branches and granite needed; now all I needed was a little flint. Thinking ahead I had swiped a stack of 20 flint and so I began creating my homely little fire. It was already looking a little like paradise; I was content, I even gave myself a pat on the back, I was great.

 Now that I had created one little feature of my new base, I decided that I needed more things to establish myself. I set about picking grass around me, gathering it upon my back, and laying it down in a neat pile. Oh yes this looked quite fetching. I did this several more times. I was the best collector around these parts, before long people would proclaim me master of all lands around Glendale and beyond.

Sitting back I surveyed the utopia I had created: fire and grass, well I suppose it could be better, but it was a start – surely all great kingdoms were built upon such elements. Toggling through the various menus on offer I noticed my basketry skill, I thought back to the storage area of my tribe, they had green baskets and they looked rather fetching – as lord of this land I will bestow baskets for all.

I set about my tasks, I picked up some of the neatly stacked grass and began to craft it into twine and thread. I was a grass crafting genius. Before long I had a stack of grass twine just begging to be turned into a basket, submitting I finally did “your crafting process has failed” well how peculiar. I tried again, “your crafting process has failed”. Well now Xsyon just isn’t playing fair. I tried several more times and finally I was rewarded with a brilliantly green basket. I placed it amongst the campfire and grass piles. Perfect.

I sat awhile bathed in the orange flickering glow and stacks of resources. This place was amazing; it had everything a budding survivor needed. Looking around I noticed the perfect location for a small fence, being one for decoration I sprang into action. Equipping my axe I headed out of the river-side and towards the nearest tree-filled area, I clicked the appropriate action and toppled a tree. Again, I applauded myself, told myself I was special, and patted myself on the back.

Returning with a huge log attached to my back, and looking like a self-crucifixion, I approached the prime fence building spot and set to work. Opening the architecture menu I selected a fence and pressed “open project” but nothing happened. In orange text at the bottom of the screen, I was told this item must be built upon tribe land. My burgeoning Eden was thwarted.

The choice on offer was simple enough: quit your oppressive tribe, the type of establishment run by a would-be third-world dictator (you're a bastard Dave) or hit out on my own and build a small haven of survival. I sat for a moment and pondered. I looked around myself once more, grass, fire, and a basket - a modest location. I turned my perspective and looked into the distance, I saw a compound, a field of tents, baskets, and other such resources. I looked at my avatar unsure - proudly emblazoned upon my person was the cowboy stripper outfit of warfare; my little camp didn't even have a uniform. I turned my head and looked towards the brown piles that littered the tribe land in the distance, oh my sweet scavenge piles, bustling with nails and glory, how I missed them.

Within my tribe I was a nail-gatherer, apparently the talk on TeamSpeak, perhaps it was time to go back? Become the champion of the scrap? Settle down with one of the tribe wenches and get a tent of my own? Perhaps I could even dig myself a small pond for fish-catching purposes, perhaps even a little moat? My mind was made up. 15 minutes after I had departed, I was heading back, the adventurer returns with tales of exploration, I suppose it would be good to see the old place once more.

With a heavy heart I rose back to my feet, quickly looked one last time at my once-budding utopia and finally I shuffled away, "don't look back Anakin, don't look back".

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Adam Tingle