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Skull Cartouche Contest

Jon Wood Posted:
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As the Managing Editor of an MMORPG website, I tend to get a lot of interesting mail. So much so, in fact, that I’m fairly certain there’s a lengthy file on me somewhere at the Canadian customs offices. Still, it always gets my attention when a human skull finds its way to my front door, which is exactly what happened the day after my wife and I returned from our recent honeymoon.

This wasn’t just any old human skull; that would be too easy. No, this skull was wrapped in mummy linens that gave way to reveal a seven symbol cartouche.

It turns out that the skull was sent by our friends at Mythic Entertainment and the cartouche is a puzzle for players, left by the Tomb Kings for you all to decipher.

“WAR fans can take this code to the Mythic Account Center https://accounts.eamythic.com and enter it into their account,” said the accompanying letter. “Once activated, players will receive a unique Scarab Amulet reward. This fun item summons a Scarab swarm that chitters and swirls around a player’s character.”

It turns out that this unique MMORPG.com cartouche will only unlock 1,000 amulets (on North American servers only, I’m afraid), so hurry and get that cartouche translated.


Jon Wood