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Serious Competitors and a Growing Community

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One of the greatest success stories in online games is Wargaming.net. Their company began with World of Tanks and has grown into a huge online presence. At PAX East the team hosted a fantastic panel for Master of Orion, the resurgence of the classic tactical game which now has a lot of people excited. They also outlined some updates to World of Warships which continues to grow. We’ll cover both games, but for today let’s talk about some of the upgrades coming to World of Warships.

Warships has been doing very well and the team is bringing much more to the table in terms of the landscape of the game. The newest update hosts weather changes. This may not seem like much, but snow and more importantly fog can play a tricky role on such a long range battlefield. The fog effects especially made us take notice as ships now approached in obscurity. The other weather element that can wreak havoc on the battlefield are cyclones. These simple additions change the game drastically when in such strong competition.

There are also two new maps coming to the game. These maps are from the far side of the world based off of the Indian Ocean and surrounding seas. The biggest update to the maps will be what the team calls “fort mode” which will add bases into the new capture points. This should make things really interesting as battle go as the bases can change based on who wins them. One of the big changes to these maps is adding in a mountain zone on the map. Playing through this type of scenario changes a lot of dynamics. You now have to shoot through the mountains if you can or work around corners very carefully to get into position and fire a shot. Don’t expose yourself too quickly though, you could end up sunk.

Lots of more customization is coming to the game as players have been looking for ways to trick out their ships. This feature allows players to express some fun freedoms. Looks for all kinds of camouflage patterns as the team continues to find ways for players to separate themselves out.

It may sound funny that you would want a better animation for a sinking ship, but people actually do. The Wargaming crew are pushing to add more pieces when a ship gets destroyed in the game. Any piece that can bring greater immersion to the project the crew are working on.

Warships remains a growing community for Wargaming. The players are serious and the combat intense. People who make the leap over from World of Tanks have a great time with such different strategies. The best of part of Warships is the easy to play difficult to master situation every game presents. Once mastered though you can step up your game and face all the new challenges coming up in the next patch. As always we look forward to what the masters of war are working on. 


Garrett Fuller

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