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Juggling a degree, amongst a part-time job and several writing jobs is a struggle at times. But as such with a game like Darkfall: Unholy Wars, it’s a pleasure to be taking the helm and reviewing this great title. So as launch week woes have now left us, we enter our second week of what we’ve been calling a review-in-progress. This week I’ve logged a healthy amount of hours on the game, and while I suspect something new around each corner... I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut with the game.

Crafting is one of the main focuses of Darkfall. But progression when crafting is pretty slow. While I intended to keep exploring with these few weeks I have the game, gearing up is an important aspect. I’m incredibly close to hitting the next milestone to craft new gear, I’ve found myself in a sort of rinse and repeat scenario.

It was actually total luck that I crafted as much as I could this week. Again I headed out to explore as I started my week in-game, in the part of Agon where I am the land is scorched and lava flows out of the mouths of fierce volcanos spilling down cliff faces and onto the hills of the land. It is definitely an interesting place to explore, and with every new map tile explored something wonderfully crafted awaits.

The communication between the developers and the community has also been very good. Performance issues mentioned before have now been all but fixed and the game runs very smoothly. Aventurine have also taken to releasing the game on Steam, after being successfully greenlighted by the community, the population of Darkfall is surely soon to rise.

The feat system in Darkfall is something which offers very quick progression. During my first review I had only just hit 600 prowess. Now I have doubled that and am bordering on 1.5 thousand prowess. This has all been gained from crafting and harvesting monster spawns. It is definitely a great progression system and has allowed me to quickly increase several skills in such a small amount of time.

While I’ve been striving to bring out the good and the bad in Darkfall as a part of this review-in-progress, I feel I haven’t really stumbled upon anything this week. Other than exploring this brilliant world and progressing through my relevant crafting skills. Next week I’m going to be putting more hours into Darkfall: Unholy Wars as we progress through this weekly review, I’m aiming to have my crafting skills vastly increased, and venture out into the non-safe zones for the first time with the intention of carrying out PvP.

George Dimmock / George Dimmock is a Freelance Gaming Journalist and has been writing for MMORPG.com since 2012. Lover of all things gaming, George has been playing MMOs since 2005 and has been hooked since. You can also find him lurking on Twitter, @G_Dimmock

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George Dimmock

George Dimmock / George Dimmock is a Freelance Journalist and a regular contributor to MMORPG.com. He's been playing MMOs since 2005 and recently writing about them, amongst other video game related junk. Studying for a degree in Journalism at Lincoln University, UK, when he's not writing or studying, you can find him on Twitter, @G_Dimmock