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Recursive Colony Overview

William Murphy Posted:
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Late last week, Global Agenda: Free Agent saw its largest free expansion of content to date: The Recursive Colony.  With tons of new content, fixes, and a brand new PvE Mission zone “North Sonora” rounding out the patch, Global Agenda is reminding us all that just because HiRez is working diligently on Tribes Ascend and SMITE, doesn’t mean they’re done making moves of their own.  The full patch notes can be found on the official site, but here’s a brief run-down of what players can expect.

The Commonwealth is making a move on Hub City to try and eradicate the resistance once and for all, but the Free Agents of the world won’t go down without a fight.  The only thing is, now the Commonwealth isn’t the only thing the resistance needs to worry about.  The droids have begun to replicate themselves and have taken over Hub City, forcing everyone to band together and drive them back. They’re robots after all… they blow up and die just like anything else.

  • A new Open Zone: North Sonora - continues where Dr. Bolonov left off in observing the Recursive Colony at New Yuma. The Colony has grown increasingly aggressive and is now encroaching heavily on ARM territory. This zone leads players out into the northern part of the Sonoran region to discover the Colony’s origins and attempt to suppress its threat to the freed people of Dome City.
  • Class-based tutorials for all the new folks, which should make team-play much more fun and PUGs much less aggravating in the long run.
  • The new zone takes players from around level 11 to level 20, so players who aren’t too thrilled with the PvP portion of GA now have something new to do aside from the PvE Missions.
  • ?  Acquisition - Colony Cavern:  A new Acquisition PVP map in a Recursive setting.
  • ?  North Sonora has numerous new instances available for play as you progress through the assignment line.  Similar to instances from many a famous MMORPG, they’re filled with loot quests and more for group play.

These are just some of the newest additions to the game, and as we get our hands on the new expansion more and more, we’ll bring you a review of the update as well.  For now, peep that trailer and dive into GA for some robot-shooting goodness.


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