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Adam Eldridge Posted:
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Just as space has many unique points of interest, the Vendetta Online universe also has its fair share of must see attractions. Like space however, these attractions hide throughout vast expanses of territory. Very few people using the trial period (available without credit card) have the time of experience to seek out and find these hidden gems that are distanced throughout the thirty systems that comprise the Vendetta universe. So here is a list of places that you should definitely visit while enjoying all that the game has to offer:

First I will start off with a few areas that are in the "safer" regions called nation space. Nation space consists of the majority of territory within the universe that is moderately guarded with turrets as well as no fire zone strike forces. The entirety of nation space consists of the national territory of the Itani, Serco, and Union of Independent Terriories (UIT) listed as blue, red, and yellow systems on the navigation map. Nation space is where pilots initially start off and train while the other portion of space, known as "grey space," harbors lucrative trade routes, high risk missions, and pirate infestations. The first landmark within nation space is Deneb, which is located on the fringes of Itani space bordering Serco territory. Deneb is known for being ground zero for the Serco Itani conflict. Conflicts of varying degree in intensity and size occur constantly throughout this hostile system. Here pilots can view and participate in some of the larger and more organized battles that occur throughout space while also helping win territory with whichever side the pilot chooses to side with. Deneb has been growing more hostile in recent months and shows no signs of letting up any time soon. If your Itani or Serco, or even UIT, definitely come and visit.

Verasi I-5 located in the outskirts of the UIT territory is probably the most interesting station currently in game. The sprawling station is located in the remnant pieces of a large broken up Xithricite asteroid which has glowing green particles illuminating the exterior of the fractured rock. Due to being a hub for mining within UIT controlled space, the sector is clouded in a heavy green fog which creates an interesting environment for pilots to traverse. Radar extenders can increase visibility allowing asteroids previously shrouded by fog to be exposed in the distance. If your in the neighborhood, definitely visit this unique sector in the universe with good mining equipment.

Grey space harbors all of the other areas of interest in my current list of places to visit. Sedina B-8 in particular is probably the most agreeable center of this unaligned region. Sedina B-8 is the wormhole sector leading to Latos from Sedina. Here is where a lot of player vs. player combat occurs whether it is in the form of duels, battles between pirates and anti-piracy forces, attacks against traders by pirates, or even pilots just sharpening their pvp skills. Since Vendetta Online is a twitch based game the combat is very dynamic and is more determined by a players skill at dodging and aiming rather than their licenses (in Vendetta levels are called licenses). In any case, Sedina B-8 is the place to go for viewing or experiencing Vendetta's unique combat.

Another unique place to visit in grey space also resides in the Sedina system. Tube races are one of the most interesting features within the game. The tube race tracks are partially see through tubes (some areas are covered) where players must navigate as quickly as possible in order to make a record for the track. There are currently six racetracks, all with completely different lengths, difficulties, and layouts. The racetracks are located in Sedina in the sectors: B-5, D-5, E-5, F-5, G-5, and H-5. H-5 in particular is a racetrack coiled around a large defunct station which creates an bizarre yet interesting racing environment. Occasionally, player organized races are held in which racers compete for money as well as bragging rights. The tube races are definitely one of the most interesting aspects of the Vendetta Online universe.

The last things to check out while cruising around the cosmos are the player run events. These events include the Nation War, Deneb Run, Last Man Standing Competition, Trading Convoys, among others. The nation war is a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) event that pits UIT, Serco, Itani, and Grey pilots against each other in a large scale and usually long battle in a selected sector. The nation war is known to attract a large number of players and have some of the best combat in-game. The Deneb Run is a different type of event in comparison with the Nation War. The Deneb Run is a race around the galaxies in which players must traverse multiple national territories as well as pirate infested areas in grey space. Racers compete over a span of twenty four systems which makes the race highly competitive but at the same time very dangerous. Pirates are known to wait in bottle necks, such as wormholes and storms, where racers must fly through. During any given race, there are usually a few racer causalities but many agree that it increases the excitement and intensity of the event.

The last man standing competition is a tier based fighting competition in which pilots are placed in brackets and fight one versus one in previously arranged matches. The pilot to make the most wins and advance to the top is deemed the winner of the event. Another fan favorite is the Ultimate Wing-man Tournament which as you may have guessed is a team event. Similar in organization as the Last Man Standing event, the Ultimate Wing-man Tournament's only real difference is that two pilots fight two other pilots.

The Vendetta Online Universe is a vast and engaging expanse filled with unique areas and fun and interesting things to do. Although developers are promising more content, many feel that players have yet to unlock its full potential. From the player run events to the atmospheric environments and intriguing locales, Vendetta Online is surely worth trying out.


Adam Eldridge