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Paradox: The Nexus of Entropy

Cassandra Khaw Posted:
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When some people get fed up with the status quo, they leave for greener pastures. Countless players have turned up their nose at MMOs and moved on. Nonetheless, there are some who choose to take the more difficult road, the one that entails building an MMO that meets their expectations. Meet Chris Brinkley and David Conner, the two gentlemen responsible for Paradox: The Nexus of Entropy. Over the last three years, they've been working to establish the preliminary groundwork for their fantasy-based MMORPG. Intended to be the 'real deal' of MMOs, Chris and David are aiming to provide a solid community based around their players and 'high-quality, balanced game mechanics' that work around their community.

In short, it's all about the people.

"Listening to our community allows us, the developer to adjust the game to their needs. For example, we incorporated our 'customer's wants' and four core concepts: excellent community with superior game mechanics, balanced player actions against artificial intelligence, equilibrium between challenge and reward, and a full spectrum of playability." The team explained.

"A lot of MMOs claim to encourage player communities, however don't display them within the mechanics. Some games focus too much on solo player; they become large chat rooms for people to talk about the quests they completed without help."

According to Chris and David, Paradox: The Nexus of Entropy will feature manual attack systems that will promote co-operative play, customized player items, and player-run governments. "Our government system is a huge part of the economy. Players can cast votes to elect their leaders. The government needs player crafted items and money generated from city income, like vendoring to make money for war or upkeep."

So, why an MMO?

"We created Paradox essentially because we were fed up with what current MMOs offered, we discussed what MMOs lacked. Entertainment companies have been focusing strictly on forcing “rushed” content into the gaming community just to make quick money.This often causes great original content that was produced to be forgotten, or even lost. It seems many online gaming industries are releasing games that do not benefit the entire community. For example the ability to purchase in game coin with real money and allowing players to play multiple accounts at the same time which ruins the incentive to work together."

"Current expansions to MMOs only benefit high-end players. A game should be expanded in a way that benefits everyone. An MMO needs to address two critical concepts in order for it to succeed: community and mechanics. Currently, there is no MMORPG that successfully combines these two qualities." The team added.

Chris and David explained further, "We feel that creating an MMO in this current industry is the best opportunity for two reasons. The MMO pool seems to be drying up, and the people appear to be losing interest. The best time to make a big bang is when it’s silent and the MMO industry is quiet. If we can inspire our player base and re-motivate them that there are developers that want to make a high quality game with the community as our foundation, then Paradox will be among the best MMOs of the decade."

Will they make it? It's hard to tell right now. Nonetheless, with MMO fatigue seemingly at an all-time high and even mainstream MMOs breaking from traditional formats, this may well be the best time for a new company to get in on the action.

For more information about Paradox: Nexus of Entropy, check out their website here


Cassandra Khaw