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Overwolf Update: Upload Screens Right to MMORPG!

William Murphy Posted:
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It’s time for another Overwolf update, folks! Uri and his feverishly working army of developers have gone and updated the MMORPG.com Overwolf client with the ability to take and upload screenshots directly from the game.  No longer do you have to come here and go through the process of uploading your screens for all to see… you can do it safely from inside whatever game you’re playing and without even opening the web browser. 

Under accounts, you’ll log in to MMORPG.com like you would Facebook or any other site.  Then when you take a screen, the widget will give you the option to upload it right to MMORPG.com.  Please, no corpse-humping shots… or at least not many.

But that’s not the last of the changes coming to the MMORPG.com Overwolf client. Next on our list of “To-Dos” is allowing users to add video links from Youtube to your MMORPG.com profiles and we’ll then allow Overwolf users to share their Youtube uploads from Overwolf to MMO directly.  It may sound complicated, but trust us when we say it’s absolutely awesome.   Take down a boss with your Guild?  Upload the video.  Find a nice exploit and want to share it before the ban-hammer comes down?  Share it! But don’t be mad when we jump on you for cheating.

Taken and uploaded by my with Overwolf!

Here are some more of Gil Or and the Overwolf team’s latest additions, so be sure you have the most recent client!

  • Steam chat! Use this in-game steam chat widget to stay in touch with your steam fellows while playing games. Though this widget will work better when you are not using the steam client as it won’t allow you to connect with the same account twice.
  • The settings window has been redesigned and improved significantly. As so many new features added lately, we had the urge to upgrade the settings logic, so some of the tabs and settings have been reorganized, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for over there.
  • Video recorder has been improved significantly! It works smoother now and does support playback audio recording for Windows 7, so the era of silent videos is over now!
  • The Gmail widget now points to the new and improved Gmail website.
  • As always, bugs were fixed and new games are supported!

These are just some of the many things we have planned with Overwolf to take your MMOs even further.  But let’s not stop there.  What would you like to be able to do from in-game?  How can we make Overwolf an even more fantastic piece of software for you to use?  Let us know in the comments!



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