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Overwolf: Keeping you Connected

William Murphy Posted:
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Today we are proud to announce a partnership with the folks at Overwolf Ltd. to bring you the MMORPG.com Overwolf Client.  You may not have heard of Overwolf yet, but we quickly became believers in their application after trying it out for ourselves.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I’m inside of my games, I love feeling connected to the world and the community, but I also like skipping around, checking my e-mail, browsing the web, and all the other wonderful things that being a product of the 21st century allows.  When I’m constantly alt-tabbing to go do those things, it can bog down the system and drive me nuts while managing several different windows. 

Luckily, if you’re a multi-tasker like me, Overwolf has the answer.  Here’s the basic core facets and why you should download the very slim client and give it a try.

  • Seamless: There’s no need for hotkeys, alt-tabbing, or any of that.  Just hover over the tiny icon on the side of your screen and have instant access to all of Overwolf’s widgets and features.  When you want it to go back into hiding, just pull the mouse away and it slides back into its dark corner of its den.
  • Tons of Features: Not everyone’s up and up on the Social Network scene these days, but to say that Overwolf comes packaged with a ton of widgets for your multi-purpose use would be an understatement.  You can link up and access Facebook and Twitter from inside the game.  You can record video, snap screens and post them across all the major social sites.  It even has Skype and MSN built in, as well as a devoted in-game internet browser.
  • MMORPG.com Built In: You can browse everywhere on the web while you’re gaming… but really, why bother when you can click the MMORPG.com widget and be taken right here for all of your news and forum needs?
  • Did I mention video? The Overwolf client allows you to record and share video right from whatever game you’re playing.  Heck you could even go to Gamertube and upload your content for all of us at MMORPG.com to see while you’re playing.
  • It’s free! No ads, no surcharges, no subscription fees.  It’s just pure awesome for the price of nothing.
  • More to come! That’s not where the party stops either.  New widgets will be added all the time, and the folks at Overwolf are always open to ideas, so be sure to try out the client and offer your feedback right here if you’d like.

Well, what are you waiting for?  The installer is a mere few megabytes to download, and your Facebook friends are waiting for you to hop into the game and spam them about your level 25 Warrior’s leetness.  Do it to it.  Go download and enjoy never leaving the comfort of your favorite games.



William Murphy

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