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With last week’s release of Elder Scrolls Online – One Tamriel, a whole new and much larger experience is awaiting players. Tamriel has thrown its doors wide open to allow adventurers to take on the world in new ways by allowing them to go wherever, whenever they like.

Like to party with characters of different levels? No problem! With zone scaling and open Alliance groups, nearly any way a player wishes to experience Tamriel is available. Players can fight any monster, take on any quest without restriction.

One Tamriel brings other big features into Elder Scrolls Online that broaden a player’s experience. It’s about giving players tons to do, lots to see, simply lots of Tamriel.

Dueling allows players to really show off battle skills and to take on others in a fight to the finish. Any player can challenge anyone anywhere in the world.

Each weapon skill line has a brand new way to be used with the new Ultimate ability. Depending on weapon type, this can come in the form of a powerful new melee attack, an awesome life-saving heal or a devastating spell to decimate the opposition.

Craglorn has been reborn! Players can take on a plethora of new quests, new adventures and gain access to powerful new gear and items along the way. Whether traveling in a group or as a “lone wolf”, there is a lot more to discover in the rebuilt adventure zone.

One Tamriel also introduces the new Event System that will be utilized right off the bat with this month’s Witches Festival. That’s right: The holidays have come to Tamriel. Each event will feature tailor-made content including masks, quests, special items and costumes.

The Crown Store has also been tidied for One Tamriel with the addition of the new Alliance War Horse that comes complete with special barding and more. 

There’s no question that Elder Scrolls Online – One Tamriel is something special and that it gives players a new way to experience one of the most widely played MMORPGs ever.

Tamriel awaits!


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