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Newsletter Class Profile: Disciples of Khaine

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Newsletter Class Profile: Disciples of Khaine

Back in December, EA Mythic published images and a description of the Disciples of Khaine in the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning monthly newsletter. Today, they have provided us with the assets.

"Few are the select chosen that survive the reveries of the Death Night. Fewer still are those who leave the Cauldron with eyes of molten brass, burning with the hatred of our Dark god. These true chosen are taken into the cult and trained in the most secret of rites, emerging as masters of death second to only Khaine himself."

- Haridar of Har Ganeth

The chosen dark priests of the bloody handed god, The Disciples of Khaine, can be found on the frontline of any Druchii assault. Using wicked ritual blades, a Disciple harvests the essence of their enemy and offers it to Khaine in exchange for fell blessings and dark powers. These dark gifts allow the Disciple to tend to the needs of the Dark Elf host, mending bones, suppressing pain, and even raising critically injured warriors to fight again. The Disciple of Khaine is the shepherd of war, ensuring the bloody slaughter can continue in the name of their dark god.

Disciple of Khaine Specialty

The Disciple of Khaine is a true master of murder. Trained in the dark rites of Khaine, a Disciple can steal the strength of a soul with just a nip of their razor sharp blades. With the essence of s soul taken from their opponents, the Disciple can enact dark rites, calling upon Khaine's favor to bless Druchii warriors. This can make soldier immune to pain and even raise the dead to fight once more. A Disciple is also a consummate fighter and skilled torturer for Khaine relishes the essence taken from a slow agonizing demise over that of a quick well placed deathblow.

Playing as a Disciple of Khaine

The Disciple of Khaine must be in close range of his opponent as he requires the blood of the enemy to enact their dark rites. As such, a Disciple is trained both with the blade and the dark arts, capable of weaving the two into a staggering blend of offensive and defensive power. In small fights, the Disciple is a master of shifting the balance of a fight; what they reap from their enemies they give to their allies. What was once an opponent's strength will soon become their own.

Fighting the Disciple of Khaine

The best way to deal with a Disciple of Khaine is to keep them out of arms reach. A Disciple's true power can only be enacted if they can lay blade upon flesh. Deny them this and you deny them the advantage in a fight. If you find yourself facing one of these Dark Acolytes in close combat you must attack with reckless abandon. Feverishly attempt to overcome them before they can drain you're very strength to use against you. Disciples must be watched carefully and their fell magic countered in short order, or you will find your very essence trapped in servitude to Khaine.

Disciple of Khaine look

  • Wickedly barbed armors made of heavy leather and steel
  • High collared gorgets with partial facial masks
  • Wields twin ritual blades, or carries a single blade and ritual chalice

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