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New York Comic-Con 2011 Round-Up

Michael Bitton Posted:
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The MMORPG.com team was on hand last week for this year's New York Comic-Con. With five panels to attend there was tons of coverage to keep track of, so we've gone ahead and put together a round-up of all the show coverage just for you.

Beginning with the...

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Main Panel

"The main Star Wars: The Old Republic panel took place in the MTV Theater, which seats roughly 1,000 people from what I’m told, and the energy in the room was pretty electric. The event kicked off with a montage of the various CG trailers released by BioWare over the last couple of years and some introductions of the panelists (James Ohlen, Daniel Erickson, and Cory Butler) by BioWare’s Stephen Reid. The panel got off to a bit of a slow start with a recap of what the game is all about for the few gamers out there who have been living under a rock for the past few years and somehow managed to miss this one."

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Q&A Panel

"The fans came out right away asking for specifics of PvP which has been only touched upon slightly in the news. Unfortunately, Gabe Amantangelo was not on hand to answer specifics. Still the team explained that PvP continues to be a prime focus in the game and players will have plenty of options to go and battle it out in the galaxy. The open zone world PvP is the most anticipated topic right now and hopefully we will get more information as we get closer to launch. They did say there would be dedicated PvP servers out there. So prepare for battle."

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The Secret World

One of the highlights of Comic-Con this week in the Big Apple was unabashedly Funcom’s The Secret World Panel, hosted by us here at MMORPG.com. Presented to a packed room, Funcom’s Ragnar Tørnquist and Dag Scheve were on hand to give players a brief overview of the game, share a nice healthy chunk of gameplay that’s never been seen before, and answer a slew of fans’ questions. While we wanted to do the gameplay portion live, the Javits Center’s net connection utterly failed us.

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Trion Worlds: Defiance, RIFT, and End of Nations

"Defiance is intended as cross-media experience with SyFy. There will be a TV series on the network, launching around the same time as the game. The two teams have been working together to figure out what works best for both projects. Making sure that if the show wants to do something that the game dev team can emulate it and vice versa. If you see something in the game or the show, they will look and sound the same, so there is ultimately a cohesive universe between them."

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Transformers Universe

"Next up was a question about whether the original voice actors from the cartoons and movies would be aboard. Sean answered, “Obviously, there are certain voice actors that have worked on Transformers for a long time, and we’re really excited to be pursuing working with them. We haven’t announced any yet, but you can imagine that there are certain names who would almost have to be involved with this project.”

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BONUS: The Girls of New York Comicon 2011

Thanks to everyone who showed up! See you again next year!


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