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Battleground Europe - New Version Notes

The developers responsible for Battleground Europe: World War II Online have released the patch notes for the version update that went live on January 22nd.

Unity 1.5 Graphics Engine Update:

  • Frame rate and stutter performance are dramatically improved in this release.

  • Improved terrain loading
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Improved collision code
  • Improved OpenGL state handling
  • Vehicle hulks now queue for loading

Vehicle Marking:

  • All ground and air vehicles now have historical looking markings
  • These markings are per brigade
  • Each player will also have an identifying mark based on their game name (these are not globally unique)
  • For a complete list see the WWIIOL Wiki

Types of Marking:

  • Unit markings are based on which brigade the vehicle is spawned from and will be the same for all vehicles from that brigade
  • Support units, such as tanks in a navy brigade or planes in an army brigade will receive that countries support marking
  • Individual markings are based on the player's handle and will be the same for that player whenever he spawns that vehicle class
  • Personal markings are used for con badges, B1 badges, etc.

German Armor Marking:

  • Unit marking - based on German divisional markings, hull front and rear
  • Individual marking - based on German three digit tank numbers (red with white stroke), turret both sides
  • Personal marking - located on the hull side

French Armor Marking:

  • Unit marking - based on French regimental markings, hull sides.
  • Individual marking - based on "Aces" company markings (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts - red, white and blue version of each), turret sides
  • Personal marking - located on the hull, front or side

British Armor Marking:

  • Unit marking is based off of British brigade markings (red/green square with white number), hull front
  • Individual marking is based off of British squadron markings, turret sides and front
  • three colors (red, yellow, blue)
  • three shapes (triangle, square, circle)
  • number (1-4) inside
  • Personal marking is located on the hull sides

Truck Marking:

  • All Trucks/Pullers have the same markings as the armor for their country
  • Markings are smaller and placed on bumpers/number plates where applicable

Gun Marking:

  • ATG/AAA: (all countries will be the same)
  • Personal marking only, located on the gun shield

German Plane Marking:

  • Unit marking - based on German squadron emblems, nose both sides
  • Individual marking - based on German flight numbers (numbers 1-14 in various colors), rear fuselage both sides
  • Personal marking - under canopy both sides

French Plane Marking:

  • Unit marking - based on French squadron emblems, rear fuselage both sides
  • Individual marking - based on French flight numbers (numbers 1-14 in various colors), tail both sides
  • Personal marking - nose both sides

British Plane Marking:

  • Unit marking - based on British squadron lettering (two letters), left of fuselage roundel
  • Individual marking - based on British flight lettering (single letter), right of fuselage roundel
  • Personal marking - nose

Infantry and Navy markings:

  • No changes from existing decals

Air Warning System (Radar):

  • Added a new Air Warning System to the map
  • AWS is designed to simulate the various forms of intelligence one might receive over the radio while in flight
  • AWS primary goal is to increase the air players ability to find and engage the enemy
  • There is a toggle on the map pane to turn on or off the AWS
  • On the map you will see a grid
  • The grid is labeled AA-DW horizontally and 0-60 vertically
  • The grid size is 16km square
  • The grid updates in cycles over 60 to 120 seconds
  • The grid covers the whole theater
  • Red grids indicate heavy enemy air presence reported
  • Yellow grids indicate light enemy air presence reported
  • These colors may be adjusted in settings
  • EWS will still show bombers that have been reported as sighted near towns
  • EWS does not show fighters
  • AWS may not be interdicted, it is the culmination of several types of signals and intelligence
  • AWS mat not be avoided though the system is not 100% accurate
  • AWS does not differentiate between types of aircraft
  • AWS only shows enemies

AWS Reporting:

  • Aircraft will only appear on AWS 90 seconds or so after exceeding taxi speeds
  • Aircraft will be removed from AWS after about 5 seconds at a complete stop on the ground

Show Friendlies:

  • Friendlies on your mission are now indicated on your map
  • Friendlies not on your mission are also now indicated on your map if they are closer than 1000m and on your visual update list

Airborne Infantry:

  • Paratroopers now have several loadouts available to them
  • Thhse loadouts are similar to their regular infantry counterparts with some exceptions:
    • Airborne Rifleman: +1 Satchel, +1 Ammo can (total of two)
    • Airborne SMG: as existing "Paratrooper" unit.
    • Airborne LMG: +2 Smoke Grenades
    • Airborne Sniper: +20 rifle rounds, + Pistol with 24 rounds
    • Airborne ATR: +2 HE grenades
    • Airborne Mortar: +5 HE mortars, +10 Smoke mortars
  • There are no Airborne counterparts for the Grenadier or Sapper units
  • Paratroopers who get resupplied in the field may receive some grenades

Airborne Brigades:

  • Paratroopers now spawn from missions that origin at airfields
  • Transport planes will now be on the same mission as the paratroopers they are transporting
  • Paratroopers may only create missions from airfields

New Hangar:

  • Added a new hangar structure
  • The hangar is invulnerable
  • Planes now spawn in the hangar
  • Paratroopers now spawn in the hangar


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