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Making More Room For Storage

Tristian Belisle Posted:
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Final Fantasy XI: Making More Room For Storage

MMORPG.com Final Fantasy XI Correspondent Tristain Belisle writes this quick piece giving suggestions to players who might be having a hard time figuring out how to store their in-game stuff.

Inventory is something we all never have enough of for the most part, as it is. As many know, we all start off with 30 slots initially which will suffice for doing general things but really, it's not enough at all. In order to make the most out of our swamped storages, mog houses, mog lockers, and inventories respectively, there are multiple quests and little things we can do here and there to gain some space for our equipment, food, weapons and the like.

So... you've started playing final fantasy, right? You have your basic 30 slots and are finding that it's getting a little crowded in your bag, what to do..? Well, to begin there's a little goblin located in Lower Jeuno who will assist you along the way if you should choose to go about doing his quests, though it can be pricey depending on which of the quests in the chain you are doing. That aside, you will need to attain a certain amount of fame as usual in order to get the quest in the first place, so do a few quests in Sandy or Bastok here or there and you should be fine.

Let's assume that you've gained enough fame to start the quest; going about it is fairly simple. Bluffnix, the goblin located at position (H-9), Lower Jeuno will speak to you about enlarging your pack should you bring him: Dhamel leather, Peridot, Linen Clothe, and a Steel Ingot. Most likely, like me, you'd realize that these are all items you come across every day. A good majority of these items are either crafted or can be found in BCNM/KSNMs (Burning Circle Notorious Monsters/Kindred Seal Notorious Monsters). Going about getting them is easy enough should you have the money to buy them on the Auction House where they should be in decent supply. After obtaining the items, return to the goblin and trade him all of the items to receive an upgraded bag! At this point, you will also be able to continue the chain of quests in order to obtain a bag with the size of 70 slots, getting the biggest bag possible (for now), but you can very well expect the prices per quest to go up as you progress.

Similar to the first path, you can also engage in the Mog locker quests which only involve using Imperial Standing to complete. The NPC is right outside of the Moghouse in Aht Urhgan Whitegate and once you speak with him, you will be able to trade the items for an upgrade to your Mog locker's size, but you are limited as to the time between quests. You'd have to wait at least 5 days before you can accept another quest from Fubruhn.

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Still not enough room for all of your luggage? One way of further increasing the amount of items you can hold is storage. Storage is available to you through your moghouse in your nation of allegiance. How it works is, you are able to put furniture into your moghouse, and in accordance with the piece of furniture you add, you will gain a certain amount of storage space. Another thing that comes in handy is on some pieces of furniture, you'll also receive Mog Enhancements which help increase crafting skills, gardening, exp loss upon death, increase conquest points earned, and a few other things. When using the storage in your room, you have to realize that you do actually have limited space in the room itself and the actual maximum number of slots you can obtain from furniture is 80. The furniture I'd recommend are Bookshelves and Cartonniers, as they do have the highest amount of storage for one piece, bringing you 20. They may be a little expensive depending on your server, but the good thing is you will only need four pieces between the two.

Yet another way of cleaning out the items you have is using NPCs who can hold items for you for a small amount of gil. These NPCs are located in all major cities and can hold pieces of four or five equipment depending on the set of gear. The thing is: you'll need to give the NPC the complete set of gear in order for them to store it for you. For the most part, these NPCs are used for holding Artifact armor, as there are tons of jobs, you can see how it can obviously cause a lot of lost space.

Two of these NPCs are found in Lower Jeuno, (J-9): Caruvinda, and Aht Urhgan Whitegate (H-8): Hajawaa.

In addition to this type of storage NPC, there are also NPCs that hold event items which aren't incredibly vast but as you progress in the game, any free space is gladly taken. To give readers an idea of what is meant by event items, one set I have is the 2 part piece from the Sunbreeze Festival 2008, being the Savage Top and Shorts. These items are useful in some instances, but in the grand scheme of your game play, they probably do not have huge significance and therefore, you can simply speak with one of five different Event Item NPCs, one being Garridon, Port Jeuno (J-8). Others are found in the rest of major cities including: San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, and Aht Urhgan.

An additional way of storing some items you may have is by using an NPC in Port Jeuno to store Kindred Seals and Beastman Seals that you've collected throughout your gameplay. Shami, at position (H-8), will take traded seals you have and store them for your use so should you need an orb, you can simply go directly to him rather than go through your Moghouse for the items to receive the orb, cutting back a bit of space.

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The last part is a little known or utilized way of storing items. What you can do is make use of your delivery box! As most already know, you can send items to players if you cannot be in direct contact with them for convenience of borrowing items or mailing whatever it may be. But, you can also send 8 items to yourself and have them end up in your Moghouse's received delivery box. After selecting the items you wish to send, hit ok, and you should see the color of the items darken. Make way to your Moghouse and open up your delivery box. You should see the items you sent by the Auction House. You don't have to take them out and put them into your inventory is the idea of this, and therefore simply leave them there should you choose. You can head back to the Auction House's delivery box NPC again and send 8 more items allowing for a total of 16 slots freed!

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Hopefully, you've become a little more informed on ways of managing your inventory and maybe picked something up, not already known to you. Happy adventuring!


Tristian Belisle