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Jason Chamberlain Posted:
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The year is 2029.

You find yourself with amnesia on an alien planet called the 'Helen Continent'. Conflict is rampant; in-fighting between species has reached such a boiling point that global war has reached its post infancy stages and militant groups are forming. As each section of the planet fights for survival and dominance, you find yourself stuck in the middle of the conflict. Welcome home soldier.

I plan to begin this multi-part series on 2029, with a brief introduction of the various races and how they correspond to each skill tier. Over the course of these articles we will break down each race and its associated skills including the pros and cons regarding player-vs-player and player -vs-mob. It is important to get an idea of how you want to play your character as items to reset your skills are costly and you will not get a free 'Skill Reset Drum' until level 29. So let us begin with a brief overview of each race.:

WARNING: You will only be allowed one character per realm, so I would advise you to play around with each character class and find one you are comfortable with spending time developing.

Humans: The representatives of Earth long lost.

Humans specialize in the standard firearm classes by duel wielding pistols and submachine-guns, as well two-handed rifles. Pistols/SMG and Rifles each have a skill tier devoted entirely to each choice. The pistol profession focuses on doing as much damage as possible to a single enemy, while the rifle profession focuses on doing less damage to a single enemy but dividing that damage between all surrounding enemies. These skill tiers focus on these damage aspects. For instance, pistols use the 'burst' skill to fire multiple times on a single enemy, while rifles use the 'strafe' skill to fire a wide arc of bonus damage on multiple enemies.

Humans also have the ability to focus on the 'buff' skills tier, such as 'therapy' which heals the user or teammates as well as 'energy shield' which boosts the defense of you and your party. For the Area of Effect damage child in all of us, there is the 'grenade' skill tier. Grenades allow you to deal massive amounts of damage to the target and all enemies within the blast radius of the grenade. In all the humans are the average race who can heal wounds and status ailments rather quickly and deal a steady amount of damage to either single or multiple enemies.

Dryads: Protectors of the Forest.

The Dryads are a unique race that excels in close quarter combat by dealing damage using melee weapons or outside of striking distance with assault cannons. Their damage dealing properties are backed up by their support tier of skill buffs, some of which can add heal over time properties or increase damage bonuses for a set amount of time. The uniqueness of the Dryads is rather ironic because, for a race that are sworn to protect the forest, they have a tier of skills which add poison based elements to their attacks. Some of these cause damage over time and cripple the defense of the enemy by lowering resistances and armor.

Dryads can become very important in a group due to the ability to cause 'stunlock' on an enemy, the Dryads tier of cannon skills devotes itself to a few of these abilities which allow the player to stun an enemy or rival player causing them to become immobile and action-less for a set amount of time, although this skill has a cool down along with most other skills, by the time the stun effect is over the cool down effect is also over, allowing the chance for a stun again. The Dryads are recommended for players who are comfortable with taking the most damage from enemies while in a party or solo, yet also dealing the most damage in return.

Electric Elves: The Enigmas of the Helen Continent

The Electric Elves are one of the most unique races of the Helen Continent, this species has harnessed the properties of Electromagnetism and are able to bend it to their will. These floating masters of the macabre are able to use fire, ice and electric spells to inflict massive damage towards single or multiple enemies. While their extremely useful assist abilities allow them to recover their magic over time, absorb physical damage using electromagnetic shields and even absorb elemental damage. The absorption of elemental damage makes this race the only race that can help its allies absorb this type of damage.

The Electromagnetic tier seems to be their strong point as it holds some very powerful area of effect storm spells which also happen to cause paralysis on the target. Cautions must be taken however when using this class, as it is possible to damage your teammates with some of it's more powerful storm based spells, even going as far as causing instant death in some reports. Be warned. These massive spells do require some dedication to achieve, as the E. Elves suffer from low health, low defense and an almost non-existent melee attack. Due to the E. Elves reliance on magic power, players will always find themselves short on magic points and often it will become a good idea to begin crafting their own magic replenishing potions to circumvent the cost of buying potions in bulk from venders. This race requires extensive planning and is not recommended for the beginner soldier of the Helen Continent. It is recommended to never travel alone, as the E. Elves are often targeted by the local inhabitants of Helen due to their arrogant nature and unpleasant demeanor. Always travel accompanied by a group of Mercenaries or Soldiers from your local militant outpost.

This brief overview should give both new and existing players a better understanding of the different types of races available to play as and how they can help or threaten you in the battlefield.


Jason Chamberlain