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Hey Blizzard! Thanks for the Crusader!

Suzie Ford Posted:
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I've had the rare opportunity to partake in Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Friends and Family closed beta over the past week or so. I've managed to die a bunch with my level 60 (now 67!) Monk copied over from my main account and I've gotten an inside peek at some of the expansion's forthcoming feature additions. But those are for another day.

Being that today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I want to take a different tack when it comes to my thoughts about the new Crusader class. Rather than another recitation of what the class can do and a thousand words later, I will instead make a simple list of the reasons why I am personally thankful that the Crusader is coming to my favorite action RPG.

Ten Reasons to Be Thankful that the Crusader is On Its Way

I'm thankful to see the Diablo 2 Paladin's return a way. While not exactly the same as their brothers, Crusaders are holy warriors, though they tend to live on the flipside from the 'warriors of light' that the Paladins represent. They are driven and focused in their zeal to rid the world of evil.

I am thankful that the Crusader is the first class to get a spiffy mount, even if for a short duration. I, for one, hope that more mounts will make it into the game, not because they're truly needed but because it's just cool.

I am thankful that a true hybrid ranged-melee character is introduced into Diablo 3. Since we don't have a true hunter/ranger that can wield both bow and dagger, a flail swinging Crusader will do just fine TYVM.

I am thankful that the Crusader is a true tank in every sense of the word, from abilities to looks. While the Barbarian has awesome skills for survival and can lay the smack down more painfully than the Crusader, the latter has abilities that simply can't be beat including healing for nearby party members, the ability to jet into a pack and, hearkening back to #2, the ability to ride out in style. The Crusader brings some amazing differential gameplay to Diablo 3.

I am thankful that there's actually a reason for somebody to use shield in the game other than the Templar. 

I am thankful that Crusaders are so butch that they can wield a 2-handed flail in one hand and a thousand pound shield in the other.

I am thankful for the return of Blessed Hammer, again a reminder of the Crusader's roots as a paladin-esque character.

I am thankful that the Crusader adds a new dimension to the game lore.

I am thankful that the Crusader gets some amazingly wicked AoE spells and yet has the ability to clear a path with a single swing of the flail.

Lastly, I am thankful that the Crusader has some of the most awesome looking armor in the game. Hopefully, new armor additions for all classes will rival theirs.

So there you have it. There's a lot to look forward to with the Crusader. I suspect that it will become the new darling of the D3 crowd, at least initially due to the wicked fun it is to play. 

What about you? Will you be giving the Crusader a try when Reaper of Souls comes out? Let us know in the comments.


Suzie Ford

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